Where food and sex resonates with a passionate following

untitledWelcome to where food and sex resonates with a passionate following…

There’s certainly no shortage of topics that can fuel controversy these days. A cookbook is a collection of culinary productions that can overly seduce your appetite with sodium. There are countless pornographic resources with images to enhance your sexual appetite. Numerous crusades capture a strong emotional connection. Scarlett Skillet™ strives to inspire new thoughts and challenge assumptions and belief stereotypes. There is agreement that the love of our continued existence means that we necessarily must consume food. There is no denying sex is an absolute for the continuation of mankind. Being results-driven is not an option for Scarlett Skillet™. It is a legitimate moral imperative. Scarlett Skillet™ is a Forum for Culinary Arts, Masculine Masterpieces, & Ideas. A place where food and sex appetites are brought together harmoniously for creating good, call it tumbled nature, call it depraved, call it typical, but it is here.

A Nu Norm that scares some, but it is downright tempting, too!

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