Gallery Basket One – Bon Appetite

Shitake “Bacon” at Diane, A Broad


Avocado Chimichurri Bruschetta at The Curvy Carrot


Figs with Goat Cheese and Honey at Food Bridge


Butternut Squash Pancakes with Sorghum Syrup, Toasted Pecans at Happily Edible


Onigiri, also known as rice balls at Just One Cookbook


Vinegret at Red Star to Lone Star


Chicken Panzanella Salad with Pumpkin Dressing at Strands of My Life


Amazing Pumpkin Pie Streusels at I Adore Food


Salmon Salad with Sweet Accents at Every Food Fits


Deviled Pears with Pistachio Cream at Table for 2

Figs, Coffee, Vanilla, Cheese and Pizzelle’s – The Incredible Happens

Figs, packed with potassium, manganese, and antioxidants, this superpower fruit helps keep your immune system strong. I love how a man’s back-view resembles a fig turned upside down. Every time JD is shirtless and working with our fig tree, my insides stir with passion.

JD adopted an idea he found at “Recipe Doodle” and inspired by their image; he creates his Vanilla Coffee Bean & Almond Figs. Simply delicious! Cut a slit from stem to end in the side of 2 dozen dried figs, or so. Do not cut all the way through!  Stir together 4 ounces of softened cream cheese, 3 teaspoons of powdered sugar, 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract and 6 ground coffee beans. Evenly fill each fig with this mixture, insert 1 roasted salted almond to disappear into cheese mixture, and press figs to secure filling. Bon Appetite!

Mixing these bite-sized morsels with a Fig and Camembert Cheese appetizer on a platter, JD is the envy of most dinner parties.  Believe or not, they are incredibly tasty! Simply create irregular pieces of broken vanilla-flavored pizzelle’s. Typically 3 per pizzelle. Uniformity is not a concern.  Place some Camembert Cheese on top of one piece, top with sliced dried figs and cap with another pizzelle piece.  Have fun and wait for the sounds of raving fans.

Skillet Grilled Cheese with Sexy Avocado

Avocados can indeed resemble one of my favorite body parts on a man. They contain high levels of folic acid and vitamin B6 which gives JD more energy and increases his male hormone production. I, most certainly, consider it a libido food. I found this beautiful presentation at Pip & Ebby who took Martha Stewart’s suggestion to take timeless sandwiches and mature them up. This adult version for a grilled cheese sandwich is incredible. Especially when prepared in a seasoned skillet. It is a healthy assembly on so many levels.

Please visit Pip & Ebby for more information about this delicious sandwich. A simple layering of buttered-bread, provolone cheese, tomato slices, avocado slices, fresh basil, and another slice of provolone cheese topped another slice of buttered-bread. It is what I call a “KISS U” dish. Keep It Seriously Simple & Uncomplicated!

Grilled Provolone & Veggie Basil Sandwich

Image by Pip & Ebby

Bodyscapes , Platescapes & Landscapes; Powerful Trio!

Ultimately, indulging in farm-fresh air, with a touch of a beach, was on our minds yesterday. Looking for a memorable getaway set against an idyllic backdrop of green pastures and sandy Isles, JD seductively prepared a picnic basket. With the aroma of pears poached in red wine filling our living-kitchen-theater, I was plagued by erotic thoughts as I watch him masterfully do his magic. Relaxing piano spa music playing in the background, I pulled together my collection of Allen I Teger®’s photography at JD loaded the car and we embarked on our escape.

No matter how hard I tried, I just could not get images of JD’s nude body-scape off my mind. Every thought was more erotic than the last with his shirt unbuttoned.  The imageries were definitely affecting my concentration. We still needed to finalize our kitchen remodel and it was not getting completed with me admiring the hairs around JD’s nipples dance with the rush of air coming through the window.  In a few hours, JD suddenly pulled off the highway and we found a gorgeous grassland spot, just steps from the ocean.

The aesthetic farmland landscape overwhelmed me when the car door opened. “Come on,” JD called out, looking very handsome and sexually arousing.  Together we walked to explore and celebrate a place of serenity where we would discover the pleasurable company of each other. The sights and sounds of nature’s harmonies delighted both our appetites. The ever-changing panoramic views provided a visual banquet and limitless peaceful locations to enjoy JD’s picnic basket creation.

The natural setting was perfect for our intimate retreat. Just a short way from a coastal habitat, the rhythms of our heartbeats were in concert and our bodies reacted with romantic anticipations. We shared a basket filled with; Moroccan chickpea & couscous salad, homemade crispy bread, roasted red pepper and pinenut hummus, fresh julienne vegetables, roasted mixed nuts, marinated olives, lemon & herb chicken kebabs, and, of course, JD’s poached pears. During the course of fulfilling our hunger, I realized that JD had taken more of an interest in me than the incredible flavors in his mouth.

JD’s body language was solid, warm and inviting. The manly musk of man combined with the fresh air made for an intoxicating mix for me to inhale. The hardness of his chest, the strength of his powerful arms, those vivid blue eyes all captured my attention. My eyes fell upon his lips. A long hot passionate kiss pursued that caused my loins to tingle and my soul to be seared. JD pressed against me and his aroused manhood was undeniably present against my body.

I caressed his powerful buttocks and JD moaned with approval and whispering, “Let’s go to the beach!”

The journey to the sandy scenery settled our picnic food, and JD started to strip down before me. Throwing out a blanket, he looked into my eyes. “I want you badly,” he said suggestively!

Tracing, with my finger, the contours of his exposed masculine form, I kissed JD’s neck and chest. He gasped when my lips landed on his hairy sensitive nipples.

I pulled off all my clothes and tossed them aside. My heart racing, blood pounding in my head and every intimate part of my body, I wanted him badly, too! My body physically and visually shouted for his touch. “God, you are gorgeous,” JD gasped before massaging my nipples until they became hard. Between soft breaths, he traced my flesh, kissing and licking until he reached my erect nipples. Warning if you are sensitive to sexual content, stop!

 “Oh yes,” I moaned! His body was calling me. I moved down his chest, my tongue stopped at his protruding nipples and down the center of his torso, tickling and teasing, to probe his navel before moving down his hairy happy trail. JD whimpered under the sheer pleasure! His powerful thighs quivered with clear evidence he was all man. JD gyrated his hips and let out a deep groan while he fought to keep from losing control. I was driving him insane.

“Now,” he yelled out!

JD gently rolled on top of me and spread my legs to reveal the center of my being. A man overtaken by sexual appetite, he impaled my core and began thrusting slowing in and out. JD striking my trigger spot, I arched my back and called out his name. JD had total control of my body and his granite-feeling manhood was ready to deliver in a major way.

Biting my lip with overwhelming pleasure, JD pressed himself hard against my ravaged body. I wrapped my legs around his waist and enjoyed feeling his upcoming tremendous orgasm. His body convulsing, and nearly breathless, JD was lovingly consumed when pearly strands left his body. I squeezed JD when my body started to jerk with my own orgasm. Shaking and panting, my body was covered with his sweat and my insides painted with his seed, as I lie beneath him.

“Oh God,” I said as I felt his presences slide from inside me. We both laid there under the daylight, and the sound of the surf off in the distance, lost in the afterglow of our powerful physical love-making concert.

All my hopes, dreams and achievements are immensely connected to JD. Click this Allan I Teger® image to be connected to a You Tube® presentation which is fitting. Light some candles, listen, relax, and explore each other’s bodyscapes. Make love to them!

This savory red wine poached pear creation is a perfect option for an elegant treat for you both. With a fruit-forward red wine this culinary prescription maximizes the pear’s natural sweetness. Peel and core 2 pears and set aside. Combine 1 ½ cups of red Zinfandel with ¾ cup of Coconut Palm Sugar, Juice and zest of one lemon, 1 vanilla bean or 2 tsp of vanilla extract, and 2 sticks of cinnamon in a skillet. Bring to a boil and once mixture is boiling, turn heat down to a simmer and add the pears. Simmer pears for 10-12 minutes, turn and simmer for an additional 8-10 minutes. Turn and simmer until pears are easily poked through with a fork. Remove pears from hot liquid and let them cool. Boil remaining wine mixture until the liquid is reduced by one-half. Pour sauce over pears and serve with your favorite vanilla ice cream. Shave chocolate over the top before presenting.

I have to wrap things up. Our new neighbors are coming over to celebrate the Labor Day with us. JD tells me they are of great interest. Hopefully, they will bring some interest to my life and I can share it with you.

Bon Appetite and Happy Labor Day!

Individual, Crustless Bell Pepper Quiche

Bell Pepper Quiche in a skillet is going to become one of my favorites! This unique crustless version can consist of a variety of cheeses, meats and vegetables. The integration of ingredient elements used is limited only by your imagination. Armed with bell peppers and a custard mixture, you are ready to make individual Quiche of your choice.  JD found inspiration at for utilizing some of the bell peppers still in the garden. [This image from Simply Gourmet Photography]

Personalized Bell Pepper Quiche

Custard Component for  2 large peppers;

A slightly rich and firmer custard, JD puts together the following;

1 Cup whipping or heavy cream

4 egg yolks

Salt, pepper, cayenne and nutmeg to taste

Set aside

Pepper Component;

2 large bell peppers cut in half and cleaned. Any color will be fine. Fill with your ingredient elements, diced or shredded, until each pepper half is ¾ full. JD uses Gruyère cheese, Vidalia onions, mushrooms and fresh spinach for a vegetarian style.

Arrange your bell pepper halves next to each other in a cast-iron skillet. Gently pour the custard mixture into each pepper half until full. Sprinkle with a bread crumb and butter mixture if you like. We do not like the additional calories, however.  Place filled peppers inside skillet in oven, and bake at 375 degrees for about 25 minutes or until the centers are firm.

Thank you for your company! Enjoy!

Skillet Pork Loins with Apple & Spinach Salad with Wicked Carmel-Mustard Vinaigrette

This a favorite, JD will soon to be using Fall fresh apples. The vinaigrette is a simple version and delicious in its own right.

Apple & Spinach Salad with Wicked Carmel-Mustard Vinaigrette

Vinaigrette Component:

¾ cup of salad oil

¼ cup of white wine vinegar

1 Tbsp. Wicked Natural Carmel Mustard & Dip®

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Combine the mustard and vinegar in a glass bowl or sealable container. Whisk together or shake briefly if using a sealed container. [Blender works best for about 10 seconds.] Let stand until you are ready to use. Give the dressing a good whisk or shake before serving. Makes 1 cup.

Salad Component:

Put a fresh bed of spinach on a plate, top with sliced apples, your favorite roasted nut [or candied pecan or toasted walnuts], some crumbled blue-cheese or Feta, and a few mini-marshmallows if you wish. Drizzle dressing to your liking!

We enjoy it as a side with pork loins prepared in JD’s scarlet skillet.

Click here to order Wicked Natural Carmel Mustard & Dip® online. It is gluten-free, too!

JD uses several of their products. I encourage you to visit and, again, experiment, and show off your culinary crafts,

Bon Appetite,

Scarlett Skillet – a place for nutrition and masculinity! There are no islands!

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A Bite of Garlic Knowledge

Dating back more than 60 centuries for its culinary application, Garlic is said to have been grown in the left footprints of Satan when he left the Garden of Eden. There are said to be 600+ cultivated sub-varieties of garlic on the planet. A few kinds found in America came in with Polish, German and Italian immigrants over the centuries. Garlic, relatively well-known to be helpful for a healthy cardiovascular system, is a true antibiotic, as well.  Whether taken internally or applied topically, garlic possesses the broadest spectrum for a natural antibacterial substance. JD is about to harvest some fresh garlic, and although it enhances many dishes, I am not a fan of too much of it. It does change the taste of JD in many ways!

I know garlic is not technically a spice, but a vegetable with a pungent, spicy flavor when raw. I do love when JD roasts garlic, to mellow it, and prepares a mild paste to put on several  large, cut-on-the-bias bread croutons. He tops the garlic layer with a superb fava bean spread and sprinkles grated parmesan to finish it off. Since fava beans and garlic are a wine-loving vegetable, I insist we have a bottle of our favorite Chardonnay to accompany his tasting treat. Absolutely seductive!

Egg, Cinnamon, Orange, Vanilla, Etc., Flavorful, Fragrant & Healthy Coffees!

Simple and sexy for any foodie, put some extra ambition into your favorite breakfast blend or dark roast. A budget friendly notion, just add a stick of cinnamon or vanilla bean for sex appeal. For example, take your favorite Starbucks® beans; put your beans in an airtight container and insert cinnamon or vanilla into the beans. Coffee beans are naturally very absorbent and will consume the flavor quickly. Note, the longer it is stored, the more intense the infusion becomes. Ground coffee will work, as well, but nothing beats fresh ground beans. There are lots of ways to flavor your coffee without buying flavored coffee! Do not through those orange peels away! Dry them and add dried orange peels to coffee beans stored in an airtight. Incredible possibilities are endless with a creative mind. Ever consider some cocoa powder a chocolate roasted flavor?

Here is something for you to nibble on; egg shells are alkaline, coffee is acidic, when acidity is reduced by alkaline the coffee tastes better! In addition, I learned that eggshell calcium is an excellent source of calcium, and the body absorbs it easily. JD strongly suggests organic, free-range eggs for a better concentration of nutrients in the shell. Try out my “Fitness & Form” menu selection to see other JD Influences for your health.

Want a little exotic spice? Spices can be strong, go for dried spices, take time to experiment for your taste profile, and keep in mind the coffee will be coming at you with more flavor than you expect. Note, the stronger the roast, the less the spice will stand out. I take my cinnamon flavored beans, grind them, and sprinkle cloves and nutmeg in the brewing basket. Brew with filtered water. Yum, my version of chai tea latte is not long to be had. For a spicy, specialized Indian coffee, add cardamom and anise to your grounds before brewing. Fall nearing, JD makes an incredible coffee flavor that last all the way through New Year’s Day! Simply take vanilla flavored beans, grind, and add pumpkin spice to the grounds before brewing. I love the Fall Season!

Skillet Glazed Corn with Ginger, Lime and Coconut

Appetizers, Breakfast, Desserts, Lunch, Soups, Suppers, and more in a Skillet!  One of the essential elements in any kitchen is a cast-iron skillet, preferably scarlet colored on the bottom!!! Sharing dishes that are created in a skillet is the premise for this blog.

Although, I am a Inspirationalist, I too, come across inspiration. I was motivated when I landed on What a unique way to prepare a summer favorite. And it can be done outside on the grill! Perfect! Click recipe title for recipe!

Skillet Glazed Corn with Ginger, Lime and Coconut

Skillet Corn from Cara's Cravings

Scarlett Skillet DYK: Did You Know that fresh corn on the cob will lose up to 40% of its sugar content after 6 hours at room temperature storage. The sugar is converted to starch!

Whether you consider yourself a Martha Stewart enthusiast, have a private chef like Oprah, or wanting too be featured on Food Network, I strongly suggest letting your creative side come alive with various alternations to this concept of corn in a skillet.

Show off your culinary crafts,

Bon Appetite from Scarlett Skillet! A Sure Place for a Sexy Foodie!

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LetsTwist it UP

Reconsidering culinary fundamentals has provided JD with some interesting twists in his acts. We both learned long ago innovation is required to continue discovering new horizons in everything we do on a daily or nightly basis. A mindset encompassing renovation to improve has served us both substantially well, on so many levels!

Old news or Good news, or “Been there, done that”, to, “Wow, that is interesting,” I want to share some ideas for you to consider or Reconsider for keeping the spirit  forever  alive to experience new potentials. The incredilbe can happen! Read below…


Who does not LOVE chocolate of some sorts!?!? How about transforming your favorite chocolate cake into a basil culinary creation especially designed by YOU! In less than 30 seconds, your masterpiece can have flakes of emerald green with an exotic flavor to entice all. Keeping a few leaves for garnish, simply place 1 cup of fresh basil leaves in your food processor. Processes until the leaves are chopped fine and then add them to your cake batter. Bake accordingly per your recipe instructions. Cool and ice to your liking. Don’t forget to garnish with fresh, nice looking basil leaf per serving. JD  used this image for inspiration, some fresh basil from our garden and the result was terrific and beautiful!


Infused waters and teas are common today. JD found this image and his talents went to work. The next thing I know, he grabs a 750 mL bottle of our favorite vodka. With a ginger root in-hand and a fresh bottle of vodka, he walks past saying, “I am going to fuse these two”! Personally, I was hoping for two other things to be fused together, but he went on. Peeling 3 large chunks, diced in cubes, of the fresh ginger root, he added the liquor and sealed it up. In a week, I was sitting by the pool and JD, snapping a sprig of rosemary out of the herb garden, presented me with a chilled glass of Ginger Vodka & Tonic garnished with fresh rosemary and a huge, fresh lemon wedge! Fantastic! If you like it a little sweeter, I suggest substituting the tonic for a clear, sugar-free soda.


www.vikkisymth.comSome of the more common uses of acrylic are in lighting fixtures and lenses, aquariums, and bathroom accessories, just to mention a few, however Vikki Smyth sees it for much more. Appreciating great food and wine, her passion for them is reflected in her masterpieces for displaying culinary delights!

Perhaps you are a party planner, special events professional, executive chef, food and beverage director, caterer, or someone who, like me, loves to entertain with a splash of luxury!  I encourage you to visit to learn more and be inspired for your next corporate event, wedding, or romantic dinner. JD is thrilled with the possibilities!

“Vikki Smyth Designs to live for®, are truly innovative and have won a spot on both Nv Notions and Get Gadgets. Check them out at

Here Vikki Symth’s mastery accentuates the inherent splendor of artistic food preparation. The colors and contours provide a sense of abundance and most certainly are visually appealing! Professional or at home, from caviar and canapés, to Sunday brunch for neighbors, and parfaits for a family celebration, differentiating displays are always a hit!  Whether it is for 2 or 20, JD ensures his cookery is a spectacle of sorts.