Great Food on the Plate, Great Sex, Great Playmate, NO?

“It’s your plate, not your mate.” That’s what authors Robert Fried, Ph.D. and Lynn Eldlen-Nezin, Ph.D., tell us in their book “Great Food, Great Sex, The Three Food Factors for Sexual Fitness.” Sexual turn-ons are 90% above the collar, but only if everything below the belt on your playmate is functioning with optimal potential.

We have various drugs that can help such as Viagra®, Cialis®, and Levitra®. However, eating for an incredible sex life requires an understanding of a chemical compound known as nitric oxide or NO for short. Scientists know for certain that NO is a common facilitator for many neurotransmitters involved in controlling the male erectile reaction to any stimulus. Note: nitric oxide [NO] is not to be confused with nitrous oxide [N2O], a general anesthetic, or with nitrogen dioxide [NO2] which is a poisonous pollutant.

Eating and living healthy are essential for optimal penile functions. Take advantage of the production of NO with a diet rich in whole grain, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and olive oil. Focus on unprocessed carbohydrates, healthy fats and lean protein or healthy protein sources such as fish.

Simply, the three “L’s” are the three main food categories that are great sources for NO along with excercise.

  1. Leafy greens, nitrogen rich vegetables and beans.
  2. Lean meat, fish, soybeans, nuts and legumes.
  3. Lots of bright colors in fruits, tea, olive oil and, of course, an occasional glass of red wine and moderate amounts of dark chocolate!

Two of the greatest pleasures in life are sex and food. Nothing else comes close. Engage in a better daily sex diet with great food on the plate and enjoy mind-blowing great sex! Don’t forget to enjoy a glass of red wine and chocolate with your playmate, too! Use food to enhance sex and visit Scarlett Skillet for more about penile preservation and visual stimulation.

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Sexy Man In The Kitchen & Pewter

When it comes to lovemaking locations, let’s face it, most couples confine themselves within the four walls of the bedroom. No wonder lovemaking becomes routine as time passes. When I tell my clients that sex begins in the kitchen, they’re shocked, then amused, as if I said something kinky. There is nothing naughty or kinky about it; it’s just common sense. A man in the kitchen is hot!

How a couple interacts while the coffee brews and as the breakfast food is prepared and shared affects how they will interact in the bedroom that night. Sex starts in the kitchen in so many ways. There is nothing more basic to the home than the hearth, and nothing more basic to the relationship than meeting each other’s physical and emotional needs.  So combining them is a powerful, time-tested aphrodisiac.  The fact is, if you want to make love at night, it is wise to start showing love in the morning and continue throughout the day.

JD and I started expressing our love this morning in bed with the art of spooning. Like two babes, our warm bare flesh curled up against each other and a strong mutual feeling of intimacy developed. The tender beats of our hearts in concert started the day off superbly. His endowment pressing firmly against me, JD didn’t need to state his intentions – but the day’s agenda was full and we really needed to get moving. I ruefully said, “Sorry, Honey” and stroked him sympathetically as I slipped out of bed, into some clothes, and headed for the kitchen to make coffee.

I was greeted by our hungry kitty, Pewter, the moment I entered the kitchen.  Pewter still acts like a kitten, and is one of the best pet rescues we’ve made. One day sitting at my desk, a client walked in and dropped this gorgeous 10-week-old Russian Blue kitty in my lap, saying it was on its way to the Humane Society.  She was the last of the litter to find a home and had a slightly deformed leg. Her family was moving out-of-town within days and could not sell or even give away a less-than-perfect kitten. I was unsure I wanted to introduce a kitten into our home with Walter, our Blue Weimaraner, consuming so much of our attention, but one look into her blue eyes and I was smitten!

Walter and Pewter were mortal enemies at first, but by the end of the day they were cuddling like mother and child.  They now keep each other company while JD and I are gone and I’ll have to admit, multiple pet households are great!

For a quick breakfast I requested JD’s fabulous Dried Cherry, Hazelnut, White Chocolate, Twice-Baked Cookies.  But with puppy-like eyes he said, “You don’t say!  We don’t always get what we want, now, do we?”  I laughed with him as he cradled the cookie tin and opened the lid barely enough for me to slide one precious cookie out then slammed it shut.  I thought to myself, “Hmmm…withholding food for sex.  I wish now I hadn’t passed on that tent pitched in the sheets!”

food and sex - fiscotti

Dried Cherry, Hazelnut, White Chocolate Twice-Baked Cookies


3 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for work surface

• 1 cup sugar

• 2 teaspoons baking powder

• 3/4 teaspoon salt

• 1 tablespoon grated orange rind

• 4 tablespoons melted unsalted butter

• 2 tablespoon fresh orange juice

• 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

• 3 large eggs

• 3/4 cup dried sweet cherries or cranberries chopped

• 3/4 cup hazelnuts, toasted and chopped

• 1/2 cup white chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Combine flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together in a bowl. Set aside.

Mix eggs, melted butter, vanilla, orange and rind in a large bowl until blend well. Then add in dry ingredients 1 cup at a time until all ingredients are combined. Add cherries, chocolate and hazelnuts – mix by hand with a wooden spoon.

Turn the dough out onto a lightly-floured surface. Knead lightly a few minutes to be sure that cherries, chocolate and hazelnuts are well-distributed. Note: the dough will be sticky, so lightly add more flour if necessary. Divide dough in half.

Shape each half into long oval-shaped logs, and flatten to 1” thickness. Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. Remove flattened logs from baking sheet and let cool for 15 minutes on a wire rack. Then cut each roll diagonally into 1/2” slices.

Reduce oven temperature to 300 degrees.

Place the slices cut-sides down on a baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes. Remove, and turn each slice over, and bake for another 10 minutes.

Remove and cool on wire racks.

You may not think of your kitchen as a sexual playground, but that will change soon. All you need is a little creativity and inspiration. Make sure the kitchen is visually appealing and at the very least, organized. Everything tidied up? OK, then, grab some more coffee and explore my blog site!

Having coffee and a bite to eat in the mornings, JD and I really bond as lovers. Off go the TV, the computer, and hand-held devices.  The only thing hand-held is….well, you know.

This morning, we were enjoying being in the kitchen, and JD started to get frisky. He surely was building up the sexual tension standing just a few feet from me with a devilish look on his face and his masculinity straining his briefs.   Taking a sip of coffee, I moved toward him — but Pewter interrupted my plan!  As cats want to do, Pewter entangled herself in my feet at that very moment.  I zigged as Pewter zagged and disaster was unavoidable. The ordeal seemed in slow motion as I lurched toward JD, arms flailing, and the best I could do was catch his elastic waist band. I feel to my knees pulling JD’s briefs half off his hips. “When the urge strikes, Babe, just go for it,” he teased!

Pulling his briefs on down to the floor, I buried my face in him, kissing all over, no longer concerned about the day’s schedule.

The possibilities for sex in the kitchen are endless. There are warm, cold, hard and soft surfaces accommodating positions ripe for oral lovemaking and others perfect for intercourse.  It is a virtual buffet of options!  Not to mention the sheer excitement of possibly being seen by the neighbors!  Even if you’re not this adventurous, always keep the sexual fire going by flirting — touching, squeezing, rubbing –in the kitchen as much as possible. Keep your hands busy!

It’s no secret that creativity in the kitchen excites your man with great tasting and visually appealing food. So why not add another creative dimension to your home’s hearth? After all, there is no end to the possibilities when the chef is nude except for an apron. Making lasting memories with a man in the kitchen will fulfill that sexual appetite, too!

According to a recent survey, over half of US couples have sex in the heart of their home at least annually. Not bad! So go ahead and create your own recipe for a kitchen sex-capade! Visit Attire A’more for more ‘under the pants’ sexy views.

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Easy & Very Cheesy Fajita Nachos

This adopted recipe comes from when I was single. I wanted something quick and easy for dinner. Something hardy! Less than 10 simple ingredients and I had very cheesy fajita nachos on the table. I dislike soggy chips so this recipe eliminates that issue.

Scarlett Skillet Cheesy Fajita Nachos


  1. 1 Tbsp vegetable oil
  2. 1 lb – Sliced Chicken Breast into strips
  3. 1 Onion, peeled and sliced with the grain into strips.
  4. 2 Bell Peppers, Green and Red, stemmed, seeded,      de-ribbed, sliced lengthwise into strips.
  5. 1 can – Cream of Mushroom Soup
  6. 1 jar – 16oz Salsa or Picante Sauce
  7. 1 pkg – 16oz Velveeta Mexican Cheese cut into 1” cubes.
  8. 1 can – Black Beans rinsed and drained
  9. Sliced jalapenos – optional
  10. Organic Tortilla Chips


Set your cast-iron skillet over high heat and let it heat up for 1-2 minutes. Add the tablespoon of oil and let heat up. Add chicken strips, fry until golden, about 5 minutes. Add the onion and pepper slices and sauté for 5 minutes.

Add cream of mushroom soup, stir. Add salsa or picante sauce, stir. Add cheese and stir until melted and mixture is hot.

Serve with your desired amount of tortilla chips topped with the cheesy fajita mixture, black beans and jalapenos if you wish. (Hint: JD warms the tortilla chips in the microwave for about 15 seconds)

There are numerous variations and additions – let your imagination take you places for incredible food and sex! Visit Ridiculously Simple – 3 Ingredient Spicy Cheese Sauce and Ridiculously Simple – 3 Ingredient Spicy Seafood Cheese Sauce for fundamental sauces to build upon.

Scarlett Skillet’s Recipe Library

Bon Appetite,


©2012 – Scarlett Skillet

Two Spiceful Lives – One Special Needs Child

crying womanKG had planned to come for dinner two nights ago, but JD and I had to cancel. Meg had shown up at our door with bloodshot eyes, streams of tears coming down her cheeks and carrying her baby. Brie, just seven months old, had been diagnosed with severe, life-threatening food allergies, and Meg was devastated.  She couldn’t even nurse.Why her? Hasn’t she been given enough to deal with? What’s next for the poor child?” she wailed. How could her sweet little daughter ever enjoy birthday parties, school events or simply a well-deserved sweet treat?  Childhood is tough enough without additional obstacles, and this was just the latest in a series of heartbreaking diagnoses.

When Brie was born she seemed lethargic and scored poorly on the Apgar, but the nurses tried to act optimistically.  I had spent enough time with babies to realize there was something disturbingly unusual about the one in my arms. This precious child was unresponsive, entirely too still and flaccid.

I’ll always remember the drive home from the doctor’s office the day Brie was diagnosed with “floppy baby syndrome”, or hypotonia, a state of low muscle tone. “What the hell does that mean for her? The doctor said it’s not a specific medical disorder. What do I do with that?” Meg screamed angrily.  I let her vent her rage and fears the entire way home. What can one do in a situation like this, but listen and promise to always be there for them both?

The underlying cause and the child’s future is a mystery still.  But as the diagnosis settled in, Meg came to grips with the fact that her perfect angel was not physically perfect, and they would both face lifelong challenges.  Meg stopped looking backward or forward and simply dealt with one day at a time; one moment at a time it seemedIt took many weeks for her expectations to shift from “normal” to “special”, but she characteristically dived into researching the syndrome, treatments and support groups. My heart secretly ached watching them struggle through the cycles of life—and now this latest blow just complicates what was already devastating!

A stranger looking at Meg—attractive, well-dressed and fit— might sum her up as a typically ‘together’ young woman without a care in the world. But looks are so deceiving. On top of caring for a special needs child, dealing with a rocky marriage and a hoard of financial issues, Meg’s hearing-impaired twin brother, Nut, recently moved in, adding fuel to the fire.

Meg’s husband, Pedro, a hardworking man, is plagued with many disturbing opinions and is outwardly homophobic. He never liked Nut—having heard rumors about him—but against Pedro’s vehement objections, Meg allowed Nut to move in. Her obligation to Nut, obviously, is not helping their marriage.

My blogging experience has made my life more complete, and in a strange way it is doing something for Meg, providing much-needed distraction. Every day she inquires about the blog, and two to three times a week we brew coffee and discuss what I should write about or add to the format. Attempting to convince her to become a contributor, Meg simply chuckles and says, “I have enough on my plate, thank you very much, and I am not one of your clients!”  True, Meg is not a paying client wanting to be inspired to find more in life, but ironically she inspires me every day! My intentions are for this blog to help her financially, knowing she has many sleepless nights worrying what will happen when the day comes she can no longer care for Brie. Your support is greatly appreciated! Visit Scarlett Skillet E-Store and help me make a mother with a special needs child live without too many worries.


I have known Meg and Nut, the “Nutmeg Twins” we called them, my entire life. We went to the same school and their family owned the farm next to my parents. There are many stories to tell; in fact they could fill an entire blog themselves. “Nut” is the nickname Meg bestowed upon her brother years ago. Being deaf from birth, Nut was often misunderstood by the “hearing” world. I have to admit, at times he did act rather nutty, but it was usually more the case of us not understanding his needs.  Today, Nut is a deaf man dealing with the complications of relationship with a distinct disadvantage. He’s certainly making Meg’s life more difficult, but I suspect he’ll be fodder for this blog in the future

“What am I going to do?” Meg demanded as she paced our kitchen the other night. Looking around she said, “It looks as if you two are entertaining tonight.”  JD went to get some ice and I explained that KG was coming over. “OMG,” Meg said, “He cannot see me like this!”  JD and I knew she was in no condition to socialize or to drive home.  JD made a call to KG, Meg fed the baby and put her down, and I made all three of us a pitcher of dirty martinis with bleu cheese-stuffed olives.  We were in for the night!

After swilling her first martini like a trooper, Meg began talking about Nut’s recent business trip. A mathematical genius, Nut found his calling as an auditor. There he could immerse himself in a world of numbers with few personal interactions. His boss traveled with him to on-site audits and to fill in the communication gaps, but there was something about this trip that shocked us all!

There were many rumors surrounding Nut as a kid, indicating that he could have interest in guys beyond skinny-dipping in the creek. But we figured he was simply going through the normal transition in becoming a man. However, his 10-year marriage going awry along with the email Meg held in her hand, confirmed the rumors.

Meg said she found the email carelessly open on her computer and confronted Nut. His response was simply, “What two adult men do on their own time, is their business!”

JD asked, “What? The two of them drank too much and shared a woman?” After all, Nut and his boss are two damn good-looking guys.  JD and I were speechless as Meg continued, “Nut and his boss have been having an affair!”  Our mouths fell open as Meg read the words off the paper she held:

Warning – if sexually explicit dialog disturbs you, please stop reading now!—

Hey ‘Boss’,

I was so looking forward to spending the week with you in Seattle. I knew you would make it a fun trip; I just didn’t how much fun you could be! We certainly saved the company some money by sharing a room! LOL The view on the 30th floor was incredible—especially inside!

I became instantly aroused when you stripped down in front me. As men, I know we all have the same junk, but having been married for years, I have developed modesty. Your body was the most beautiful sight my travel-worn eyes could have fallen upon. When you came out of the shower and dropped your towel, you noticed my response through my briefs immediately. You certainly took the queue from my hungry stare that you had me. I attempted to warn you but you took everything I had and you hungrily accepted.

Your appetite astounded me the entire week. I was so happy to be all yours!  Having hot, passionate sex every night, devouring each other and climaxing in unison was amazing!

Unfortunately, the week passed all too quickly and it’s back to the grind. We must always remain professional, but I cannot help stealing glances at you in the office. Thank you for arranging for the trip and for taking the leap!

BTW thank you for the site recommendation; “Bi Like Me – The life and times of a masculine, closeted, bisexual man!” It is great to know I am not alone.

Seattle is beautiful, and so are you!  Any plans for the weekend, Boss?


As difficult as this is for Meg to digest, she’s really dreading Pedro finding out.  He would have a fit! But what really troubles me is our taboo-ridden culture imposing boundaries and pressures on a man like Nut.  Beneath his hard, masculine exterior is a longing for true intimacy with another human being. An instinctual yearning for a real sense of sharing on the deepest emotional level has escaped Nut all his life. I cannot believe it is strictly about male sex as much as male bonding.

No one chooses to have food allergies, to be physically disabled, or to be void of hearing the song of a bird.  Similarly, no one chooses to be straight, gay or bisexual. Irrespective of our design, we are all products of Nature and it is our responsibility to live a purposeful life! I suggested Meg check out Married Gay to help her understand what may be going on.


DYK: Did you know nutmeg, one of the oldest spices, is unique among spices? The seed is dried, shelled and sold either whole or ground as the spice nutmeg. The outer, red, fleshy skin is also dried and ground, producing the spice knows as mace. Two spices from one nut!

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Male Photography – Appetizing

Click introductory photo below for an artistic presentation by Visionmachos.

Eyes on Phellaz Protraits

Male Art Gallery – the male art form is NOT put on the back burner at Scarlett Skillet.

Historians believe the birth of our  Western Civilization started with the ideals of Greek Art. Appreciation for the natural male form, as an art, Ancient Greeks actually used a complex ratio of symmetrical measurements based on the male body. Based on science, earliest Greek Art mathematically calculated sexual attractiveness and reproduced it using various mediums.

Considering all the images I have pondered in my lifetime, I always have a sensual captivation ignited by the imagination behind the camera lens.  Photograph images, pencil art, and brush strokes inspire us, but none like the human form.  The power of the male form has been captured and celebrated for centuries.

I hope to build an assembly rejoicing the human male body.  If you are a photographer or artist, please feel free to contact me with your work or ideas at  I am constantly seeking for images or art that captures the subtle nuances and beauty of the male form.

There are some that find this type of forum offensive.  There is not any room for tunnel vision when visiting Scarlett Skillet, but there is plenty of opportunity to appreciate. If the male body offends you, please consider leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy this introductory start with some masculine black & white photographic masterpieces.

Unique Introduction & My Vision Evolves!


Nearing a kitchen design Galleria, I am keen on color. Inspirations pulled together, I have a collection of show-stopping ideas. Unrivaled beauty needs to meet unmatched efficiency, though. Updating the kitchen helps with resale value, even in today’s housing market. One of the best investments made in a home, the process can be none-the-less overwhelming! Actually, on the other hand, I want to think it is better than playing on Wall Street!

Ditching ordinary, wanting colors like Hungarian paprika, Cretan oregano or rose-pedal red,  one can reach overkill quickly.  Mixing colors and textures is the key, beauty renewed cannot be done in a day, I have learned.  Accessorizing, OMG! Opting for a vessel sink or all-wooden countertops, function must be first. The bottom-line is whatever the choices are, my living-kitchen-theater must compliment JD’s culinary shows without being sensationalist.

There are certainly a mix of new materials, moldings, lines, and not any shortages in designers captivating my attention online! Nor friendly neighbors wanting to assist in the momentous undertaking. Figuratively speaking, I find the red in this one overwhelmingly too hot. That much red already has my internal temperature going above normal. Minimalistic form and lack of “fitness”, it simply does not appeal too me. The power of red, JD’s masculine energy and healthy libido, I can just hear him reciting the Trojan “Fire and Ice” slogan. Especially now he has gone beyond the ritual of afternoon dealership stops and recognizes the rewards in a remodeled living-kitchen-theater. His wallet is uneasy, I am sure. Love the light floors, though!

Determination burning strong, and DIY Network’s “Kitchen Impossible” playing in my head, I want to  know if my neighbors’ appliances are Wolf®, Viking® or Kenmore®. OMG, decisions! Color is still one of my major concerns.  An old cheese box becomes my friend in this situation.

Looking at the time-worn container, I found at a yard sale, it has the color balance I seek. Sometimes, seemingly useless articles around the house are inspiration for a sit-up-and-take-notice table setting, too. Flea markets are full of  elementary, basic foundations for creativity, as well. I can visualize a brightly lit space with light woods, strong white influences accented with dark characteristics without forgetting a splash of red to stir things up.

Speaking of  stirring things up, we have Bravo’s “Real Housewives”, surely someone can come up with something like “We like it Raw – In the Kitchen.” Real men in remarkable living-kitchen-theaters showing off their culinary artistry skills!  JD has executed numerous, spectacular shows when we have house-sit.

In fact, my sexual desires matured when I first house sat. My Grandma was traveling to Europe, and asked if I would stay at the ranch.  I was seventeen with nothing on my agenda for the summer, so I gladly accepted. Besides, my parents were determined that I see a dentist during the summer break. Like a typical teenager, I jumped at missing that!

With a painful nagging deep within me, I arrived and laid eyes on KG, my Grandma’s barn manager! So infatuated with his bald head, mysterious brown eyes, not to mention his well-defined body, I too found him of personal interest. I shyly attempted to hide my interest, but KG’s devilish smile told me he was a mind reader!

sexy in the wild-westNow this is not KG in this image, but it does exemplify the beauty of the wild-west influence on male art. This image summons many features that occurred that summer.

Laying on the cool grass, down by the pond, on the “lower forty” was when I first really took notice of KG. Behind the wild roses, with one of the horses along the fence line, his broad, dark shoulders shimmered in the afternoon sun! Thank God, his back was turned for I was definitely blushing like a kid caught with my hands in the cookie jar. KG walking toward me, my mind was racing like hell with youthful erotic ideas! I feel my lower parts stir, even today, with his natural, sexy movement playing, over and over, in my head like a Broadway show. Even better, a “Magic Mike” trailer with auto rewind permanently on!

Lying, while experiencing a sharp stabbing, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard KG’s voice. “Good afternoon, it sure is a hot one, isn’t it,” he announced! Embarrassed, my face was beet red as I lay back with my muscles tightening. I try to put him off while searching for an excuse, but KG refused and moved forward. He promised to be gentle, and there was no doubt he knew, well, what he was about to do.

Those gorgeous green eyes told me to trust him. His pearly white smile allowed me to reduce my anxiety and open myself wider to him for a stress-free pass. Pressing closer, advancing deeper and feeling my muscles stretch, KG persistently took his time! With zero familiarity and lack of experience, I was actually disoriented to the sensation of him inside me. I was amazed his mass did not hurt. There was a unfamiliar taste, too.

After about ten minutes we are both into it substantially, and then he stops and says, “Let me show you something you might like better.” He pulls out of me, about to faint trying to catch my breath, reminiscing sensations still in my mouth, his warm smile none-the-less gives me a phenomenal feeling as he says, “Feel good?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied! One of the most intense feelings of my life at that point, I forced a smiled and said, “Thank you doctor!” After all, the pain in my mouth was gone. In addition to his part-time barn manager duties, KG was also the local dentist that extracted my decaying tooth.

Lord knows, a dash of humor is necessary! The effects of the procedure still in full force, Dr. KG decided it was a perfect time to introduce me to JD, sitting in the waiting room. Boyhood friends with a tremendous relationship and both having a great sense of humor, they still laugh today about my blubbering introduction. I will never forget!

JD, a Nurse Nutrition Coach, and Dr. KG both play a major role in my healthy lifestyle.  I have a soft spot for medical-related masculinity. Fireman and shirtless men in suspenders, too!

shirtless fireman

JD pulling into the drive now, I cannot wait to see him!

Kitchen Remodel; Commencing Something new with a Masculine Accent

The heart of a home, a kitchen has long been the most significant room. The outdated thinking of this valuable space as merely a functional domain for thankless drudgery is forever retired. The kitchen is the most influential territory for family and friends, and prospective buyers, too. In my opinion, this particular kitchen has masculine qualities. However, the darker wood walls and dark leather chairs absorb too much light for my taste. I do not think it offers the right setting for what I have in mind.

There is nothing better than a naked man wearing only a white waist apron and a black bow tie serving great food and wine in a spectacular living kitchen as the background – a recipe for incredible upcoming performances for both men and women; straight or gay. Warning: there is sexual content all the way through my post!

Thus, I have decided to share my expedition of sorts, with tidbits of personal commentary, personal motivations, a plethora of culinary creations to ensure inspiration, and noteworthy discoveries around food and sex; two of my most passionate interests and pleasures. My present mission is to update my kitchen with my masculine interests in mind! My man will need a superb new setting for his exhibitionist notes, as well. It needs to be pleasing to me and my voyeurism. Let’s face it: Men can be sexually portrayed as women! We just do not see it often related to food or cooking. Until now! Attention: sexual exploits ahead! Leave now if you are, or believe you will be, offended, or if  this is illegal in your area!

Sexy Man in the KitchenOnce considered a space to impress women, the kitchen of today is increasingly becoming a new status symbol for men. It is a place for men to show off, where the thrusting male establishes domestic prowess and obtains the wow factor that fuels his masculine instincts and self-confidence off the charts. There’s nothing like a man with confidence to get the flames blazing! Love this guy’s smile, and in my opinion he portrays the right level of confidence.

The kitchen is the new “man toy”! Sports cars, fancy boats, and fast motorcycles step aside. Men are spending large amounts of cash on “living-kitchen-theaters and turning the culinary arts into incredible shows. A form of performing arts, cooking before a titillated audience, cheering him on, is no longer pure fantasy. A man’s five-star kitchen act is a precursor to untold pleasures. Notice: nothing is put on the back burner when I write. Sexual references are my norm! Please reconsider reading further if sexual content is illegal in your area or improper in your opinion.

Sexual and sustenance appetites, having many individual physical mechanisms, most certainly go together! The two utmost basic instincts, sex and nutrition, are inextricably linked within every living creatures limbic system.

Historically and biblically, diet and sexuality have been close companions anchored together for survival. For centuries, chocolate and oysters have been considered by some to be aphrodisiacs for increasing sexual potency. Symbolism, like the “forbidden fruit” in biblical terms, or the “cherry”, associating virginity, are two examples how food and sex are intimately connected in society. Regardless, who does not agree eating great food and having great sex is not a fantasy – they are some of greatest pleasures in life!

Speaking of fantasy, I learned long ago they are normal, healthy circumstances for men and women. In fact, many professionals claim that a rich imaginary life leads to better sex. Fantasy provides a channel for all of the wild, lustful things we conjure up in our minds without repercussions, because it transpires solely in the mind. Providing mental imagery, a dash of personal criticisms and appreciation, some education, and  storytelling, is my exclusive purpose for encouraging fantasy to become reality. A purposeful device to bring “zest”ful enrichment in others. A bare necessity in today’s fast-paced world!

A bare cast-iron skillet has been used for hundreds of years and today it is essential cookware in a living-kitchen-theater. A bare cast iron vessel, like this one, multi-purposefully serving as a stove top fryer, oven baking dish, and much more, in the hands of a bare-ass man, is impressive on so many levels. Especially a Scarlett Skillet!

Red exudes a resilient and dominant masculine energy; it excites the emotions while stimulating all of us to take action. Promoting all echelons of ambition and determination within, it is still super easy to cleanup, leaving more time to partake in the fun after any culinary show. Does your man have a Scarlett Skillet? NO? A precious purchase for him, get one as soon as possible!

A man’s precious productions in the kitchen, as well as, upon the sheets are gifts of love. Sharing his culinary influence and male potency make it doubly sweet! I say, “Enjoy and live well with your man and his crimson pan in hand, regardless of the galley atmosphere!”

Enjoying life well, today, reviewing “Wet Men” by François Rousseau photographs, I need to share something.  A basket full of garden tomatoes sitting in the room, fresh corn and strawberries in the sink  my mind wonders. JD and I have had  some wonderful times at our country farm. Notably when he needed to cool off!

A photograph, like this, floods my mind with memories. Stirs my pure lust for indulging myself with JD’s wet body Capturing such an art medium in a photograph speaks volumes.

The male body is truly an art form! I certainly do not apologize for unabashedly eroticizing the male body and sensuousness, including his penis. I am sure there are many who agree maleness is exiting a crisis of gender boundaries, sexual identities, and roles. Men are sex objects, too! Who has not walked the mall to be bombarded with male sexuality, or noticed a billboard for men’s underwear with Beckham. JD’s role, in my mind, is being all masculine with all its various definitions! My role is to enjoy and celebrate it to the point my head is emptied of all daily, routine thoughts.

Often at the farm, JD disappears to the slippery rocks of a shallow stream nearby to cool down, after working in the garden. With a photograph like this one, I can easily dredge up fond memories of  his pale fleshy round butt, two-toned thighs, and summer-made bronze back. I love the tan lines of a man! I cannot neglect to mention the stark contrast, highlighting the frontal view of him stepping out of the shower, as well.

My favorite pastime is lounging in the hammock, reading a book, as the heat of the day gradually forms big, billowy clouds in the sky,. Seeing JD strolling towards the mountain stream, I have to stop reading. Temptation at an all point high, I rush every time to witness JD strip down before entering the water.

I was always far too self-aware, shy, and bashful around him back then.  Pleading for me to strip down, and take him up on his offer to join him in the cool water, totally naked, I would just smile. Like a school kid saying, “I am alright,” after tripping on their own two feet, I watch him make a splash. Watching the water roll of his back and shoulders, every curve of his masculine physique glistening in the speckled sunshine beneath the trees, my passion increased. I love how his erect nipples drip with the chilly, spring-fed water when he rises up with his colossal arms. God, I am so grateful he warms my bed at nights. Observing his handsome chest move up and down, softly and rhythmically, as he rests next to me, plays endlessly in my mind right now. That farm-house bedroom and kitchen saw a lot of action!

The previous owners had left behind a worn skillet with touches of red paint on the bottom. That was the birth of JD’s “special skillet”, and my inspiration for this blog. The aroma of fresh garden tomatoes, right now,  filling the air, reminds me of when I would leave JD in the steam to head back to the house. Naturally, it was not long before he strolled through the door, fresh-picked corn in his arms, and a protrusion in his damp shorts. A smile on my face, I hand him a white apron. Oh, those are the days!

Our farmhouse kitchen needs updated, as well, and this image resembles the rustic features of ours. However, I find dark flooring in a kitchen a bad idea. Discussing our remodel project, JD and I decided to take a trip to the country recently to gain some perspective.

After a long day working, and the traffic nightmare, we eventually drifted off to sleep with the moonlight dancing on his naked body. The old oak tree canopy, just outside the open window creates magic. The masculine feel of his body still lulls me into sweet dreams when I strip down and cuddle up next to him! He does not budge when my hand roams across his warm, velvety body hair either. he knows me well!

Strangely, that night went on with my lust coming and going. Periodically, I rolled over to just gaze at him while slowly and steadily letting my fingers trace along his bulges above and below the waist. I stopped momentarily when he moaned, with my touch to his most precious features, and then slowly, I continue. Never in a hurry, long, slow, strokes, are my style!

Coffee, Hazelnuts & ChocolateUnable to hold back any longer, and knowing JD needed his rest, I inhaled his warm manly scent one last time! Gently, gently easing myself off our bed, without disturbing him, I showered before making him coffee before the sun would start another day. Hot and served with chocolate and hazelnuts. His favorite!

Neither of us were the most cultured coffee drinkers on the globe in the beginning. The almighty dollar drove the decision process, and we were only going to add cream and sugar anyway. Our palettes have become far more advanced. Today our respect for coffee is totally different. Like wine, coffee has its connoisseurs.

Indulging in a creamy cappuccino, we enjoyed the peaceful, quiet country-side.  With our hectic week behind us, we sat on the porch gazing upon a spacious lawn of majestic maples, birch and mountain ash, nature in abundance. It was exactly the perfect backdrop and setting we need!

Fresh Garden CornLater, enjoying the afternoon breeze, my eyes gazed on JD working in the garden. Knowing luscious culinary indulgences, and others, ran through his mind, he removed his shirt. Under the hot sun, picking  fresh corn, his back shined with a layer of sweat. I was unable to stop myself! I rubbed myself and wanting my advances more obvious; I unbuttoned my shirt, revealing the mouth-watering reward beneath for JD. Like an ear of corn with the husk pulled back, my presentation caused a huge smile on his face when he turned back toward me.

A euphoric, intense pleasure spread throughout my body when he bent over to harvest some Everbearer™ Strawberries. His shorts just at the top of his ass mounds, I went on with my self-exploration. Thoughts of firmly holding those fleshy, manly mountains when he relentlessly makes love to me had me aroused!

Far early in the day, I coaxed JD to take a romantic walk along the country road before the sun set. My request was fulfilled. We walked hand-in-hand and as we did our lustful desires rose. Before returning, he kissed me. His bare chest pressing against mine, his full lips upon mine, his warm tongue exploring every inch of my mouth, I felt his manly persistent bulge against my body. Looking into my eyes, with his sky blue eyes, he tells me, “Let me make you happy!”

Skillet Corn from Cara's CravingsTrue to his style in the kitchen, JD prepared Skillet-Glazed Corn with Ginger, Lime and Coconut [Google® to find a recipe] wearing only his white, waist-high apron and a new bow tie. Love how those apron strings fall down across his ass!

The aroma’s and sights were overwhelmingly wonderful! His culinary dramatics combined with his confidence as a man stirred up tremendous erotic thoughts in both of our minds. There was not a word needed when JD moved around to finish up his delights with his apron pitched like a tent.

He most definitely had my full attention the entire time!

From my observation, this image from clearly illustrates how inviting food can appear in a simple cast-iron skillet. Yum!

JD served this uniquely treated corn with an Heirloom Tomato Salad seasoned with Sea Salt and lightly drizzled with olive oil, topped with locally produced goat cheese, thinly sliced sweet onion tossed in creamy lemonette dressing and topped with arugula to add a bit of natural peppery taste to the dish. My favorite way to enjoy sunshine on a plate! “Don’t forget the hand-torn crusty bread,” I said!

I like finding diverse food-styling applications and putting them into practice whenever possible. I think this colorful snapshot illustrates my mindset on a basic level. First, the use of red and yellow tomatoes makes a mundane salad a bit more tempting to the eye. Secondly, the presentation is simple, elegant and tasteful. A fresh-from-the-garden tomato medallion makes the perfect base for a great tomato salad.

Simply, there was no special occasion of sorts, nor should there have to be, for the two of us, or anyone, to enjoy a romantic dinner together. Whether simple or complex recipes are followed, or purchased meal courses from a restaurant or store are used, the most important realism is to have fun!! Culinary artistry, uninhibited testosterone, superb wine, and a pinch of naughty talk or thoughts are the ingredients for some incredible foreplay.

Our sensual living-kitchen-performance behind us and a wonderful foundation, we retired to the bedroom with Orange infused Ricotta, Balsamic and Vanilla infused Strawberries sprinkled with Fresh Basil strips Bruschetta. My most recent find at!

Just a quick glance at the presentation makes my mouth water for a treat. Again, simple, but elegant! Simply elegant, is my motto. Presentation, presentation, and it must taste good, too!

“What about the recipes,’ you may be asking? The purpose for my sharing is to enhance your culinary repertoire, inspire your creativity, and more importantly get your juices flowing.

I do not believe readily available recipes are always necessary, nor are they crucial for the experience. “Trust your instincts, knowledge, and sexual catalogue when you cruise the internet for countless pleasures at the table and behind closed doors,” I say! It is all about the experience for two people to enjoy together! JD and I will continue to evolve, and we both hope you will, as well. Perhaps with a nudge from what you see here, I hope!

I, personally, do not always make or provide nutritional information, but my attitude is it isn’t always necessary. Given that a man’s focus should be on creating seductive culinary pleasures to win his lover’s attention and, of course, gratitude!  I follow the simple advice; everything in moderation and watch the serving sizes. JD thinks differently!

Speaking of thinking differently, with the impetus of JD’s culinary skilfulness and my intimate knowledge of his manly abilities, I was overtaken when I returned to the bedroom to see JD without his apron or bow tie that night. Inspired by an image I had located on Google®, he only had a bright red bow around his waist and a mischievous grin on his face; I wasted no time joining him!

A prime example how imagery can bring about inspirational execution! Some people may find this type of photo offensive. This is a form of art that I want others to learn to appreciate. I find the lack there of, or nonexistence, of inspiration in culinary and bedroom play offensive.

Inspiration comes in many forms, and I am utterly grateful when my man’s finger traces over my body with only a ribbon on his body. That night, JD moved close, my breathing quickly deepened as his manly hands explored my body. I removed the solicitous ribbon immediately!

Fingering my nipple  JD kisses the nape of my neck. His touch and scent fires up every nerve ending below my navel. Lovingly his hand caresses my belly and starts slinking down between my thighs. My insides pulse with anticipation, and I feel his breath, rapid and warm, against my bare flesh. Over and over again, with a deliberate tempo, he works his groin against me. In the candle light, an evidentiary trace of his warm fluid glistens on my thigh. Along my shoulder, my back and nipples, the kisses continue.

It is all too much for JD, I gasp out loud when one of his fingers slip into my warm inviting cavity. Moaning as he pulls his fingers in and out of me, I am most certainly hungry for his mouth when his lips touch mine. Parting my legs with his firm hand, JD found my entryway begging to be filled.

Inch-by-inch my body accepts his now engorged manly sword. Ever so precisely he pulls back out, and then slowly eases back in, over and over, again and again, until nature has control of him. The thrusts start unhurriedly initially. His pace and intensity ultimately quicken to my delight! My body is coated with his sweat as the best love-making commences. So many pleasures running throughout my body and mind as his rigid tool goes deeper, especially when his strong arms hold me tight and his breathing is noticeably labored.

Holding onto me tight, a heavy stream of his manly seed spurted against my insides. His body taunt and nearly motionless upon me, JD’s manhood jerks flooding my insides with his milky precious production. His DNA marking his territory, he grins brazenly with his ocean blue eyes staring into my soul. We are still joined together, nearly falling asleep when I hear his stomach rumble next to me.

We nourished our sexually exhausted bodies with Strawberry Bruschetta and slept in late the next morning. With the fun-filled weekend past, I continue to embark on plenty more intimate sexual and culinary escapades, always with the chief intention to make sensual living kitchens special places and the euphoric bedroom love-making immensely special too!

Through it all, Scarlett Skillet is more than recipes; it is, as well, a journey of sorts, an assortment of thoughts or fantasies, recollection wonderful adventures, an eclectic gallery of art and design, of course, sexual culinary exploits too. Thanks for the company during my initial blog launch! This is a new adventure for me.

Who knows what kitchen design, recipe or photograph will pique my interest tomorrow. Hope you are as excited about the quest as I am!

NOTE: Safety in the kitchen is paramount! There are numerous health risk and potential for bodily injury. It would be irresponsible of me not to suggestion you purchase a Lodge® Max Temp Handle Mitt – Black for him! He is hot, but those cast-iron handles are even hotter and nobody wants the chef burnt. Secondly, every living kitchen theater requires some sort of water-resistant, digital thermometer. Appropriate food temperature, both hot and cold, also keeps the visits to the emergency room at a minimum.   Definitely no fun in that!