Mizu and Japanese Sweets

Mizu, JD and I have been friends for years, but we never let our respective cravings get the better of us. For Mizu is not just a dear friend, he is our gardener, as well. There is sporadic flirtation weaving its way into our daily interactions but nothing overt. At some point I will expand on my own flirtatious indulgences, but today is not the day. Let it suffice to say I have paused a moment too long gazing at Mizu stripped to his bare, glistening flesh, posing for the neighbors while completely in his own horticultural world – and not caring a whit if he catches me. The man has a strong tendency toward exhibitionism!


As this image suggests, Mizu and I have had our moments of mutual desire and intrigue, but we’ve always managed to comport ourselves professionally and as nothing more than friends. However, Mizu is all man.  And I do not apologize for appreciating all forms of male art.

Mizu’s Japanese mother had an incredible culinary influence on him, but his American father, a Navy Seal, was absent much of his life. His mother reared him to honor his body, the land, the air, the water and all of God’s creations. His nickname, Mizu, Japanese for “water” was the only thing bestowed by his father.  Mizu developed not only an affinity for water – as revealed by the many ponds and waterfalls he created for us – he has an intense thirst for sex.

It is rumored that several neighbors have been amazed by Mizu’s sustainability in the bedroom, thus dismissing the myth of Asian men and their prowess, but I can only testify to his treating his body as a temple.  My eyes linger at the sight of Mizu meticulously tending our gardens, appearing like a garden feature himself, and I am quite sure our neighbors, Willow and Windy,  are equally impressed with his efforts.

ShockingMizu has a wicked sense of humor. Yesterday, he and I spent two hours discussing my kitchen remodeling project and the class reunion he attended over the weekend. Taking a sip of his green tea, he recounted talking with two classmates, bringing each other up to date on their careers, sports, etc. and eventually, as with all men, the conversation steered toward sex. Naturally, that piqued my interest—yet unsettled me at the same time.  He went on to say one classmate complained, had sex once a week or so, but had nothing to brag about.  The other admitted, “My sex life is GREAT, since my wife and I got into S&M!”  After an appropriate comedic pause, Mizu responded, “Yeah, she Sleeps & you Masturbate!”

I laughed uproariously, maybe a bit too much and too forced, because with that little joke Mizu had crossed a line that made my body tingle and my mind wander.  He had never so much as cursed innocently in my presence, so hearing him utter sexually charged words seemed to lurch our relationship into a new and enticing zone. We continued to share jokes along that line, all the while sadly aware of the slow death a sexual connection suffers due to the lack of innovation that keeps appetites alive.  


Speaking of appetites, Mizu recently prepared two of my favorite Japanese desserts, to which I have added Willow’s cake sushi rolls.  I suspect Willow and Mizu have much to share beyond landscaping and cooking. Anyway, Nami, the author for Just One Cookbook, stimulated Mizu and me to be more culinarily adventurous by introducing us to her exciting Japanese creations. Below are the recipes and photos which inspired Mizu to create his Strawberry Daifuku (Strawberry Mochi) and Green Tea & White Chocolate Cookies. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!  Visit Nami’s site where she shares more quick & easy Japanese home cooking recipes.

Click here for recipe

Click here for recipe

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