Penile Preservation & Photo Gallery

Scarlett Skillet believes penile preservation is essential for every man. Regardless, all men, youthful, middle-aged, or mature, need to take appropriate care of nature’s gift. The rigors of sex, culinary shows, and father-time leads to sensitivity issues!

A man discovers his penis at an early phase and the captivation becomes instant.  In the whole world, one of the most important attributes, consciously or subconsciously, a man’s penis is the center of penile prowess for him. The power of the penis is never far from his mind. I am forever catching JD inspecting and caring for his. Love it!

There are far too many men who are ashamed to properly care for their penis  RestoreMax™ is JD’s perfect penis skin care product. It restores sensitivity and texture, perfectly! Check out MensMax™, Stuff for Men™ because you and your man deserve a healthy penis in living-kitchen-theaters, as well as everywhere else! Everyday!

Help your man with his penile preservation every morning when the towel drops from his waist! What a loving, symbolic romantic gesture, indeed.  Not a word need spoken, but the message to him is loud and clear. Lets face it, sensitivity and health is very important for your man’s penis, more than size! Supercharge your relationship with your man’s penis, get him to care for it properly, today!

untitledA wonderful article at reviews some tips on proper care that will keep him rising to the occasion nicely. writes; “The penis is easily a man’s most guarded and revered appendage. As such, the penis commands a level of care and respect. We’re all familiar with the importance of wearing condoms in certain situations, but proper penis health care certainly doesn’t end there.” Read more at

Let us not neglect the all important prostate! Green Tea can reduce prostate cancer by 50% according to what I found at  Anxiety Clinic & Health Care.

Preservation of the penis is practical. However, I have long noticed there is an imbalance in artistic representation of the naked male body in our culture. As I have entered a period in my life in which I want to express an appreciation of art displaying the male form in its natural state, I sincerely want my visitors to gain a greater appreciation for the portrayal of the male nude through their experience on this blog. Nature made it an expression of divinity! With an open mind and a renewed gratitude enjoy Scarlett Skillet’s Picture Blog.

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Warning: explicit views of pure male art. Mature audience only 18+

A Picture Blog for Fans of Scarlett Skillet

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