Nature’s Design for Pleasure

Research tells us over and over; sex does enhance our physical, mental and emotional well-being. There are benefits such as weight loss and control, pain management, immune system boosts, decreased breast cancer, and most certainly the relief of stress to augment a better night’s sleep!

Food, for centuries, has been noteworthy as a source of energy for the libido! Feasting on exotic creations in the Greek and Roman culture before sexual pleasure played an important role in their love and sexual relationships, especially if the food was prepared and presented with sensuous purpose. Erotic Foods for Sex by is an interesting read.

Food and sex are Nature’s design for survival and pleasure. “Bring them together,” I say!

For me, there is no greater sensuous purpose for Nature’s design than the form and firmness of the male buttocks. As I have entered a period in my life, I want to express an appreciation for the male art form and its natural design. I sincerely want my visitors to gain a greater appreciation for the portrayal of the male nude through their experience on this blog. With an open mind and a genuine fondness enjoy Scarlett Skillet Sensuous Cheeks picture blog.

Visit Scarlett Skillet Sensuous Cheeks Picture Blog!

Danile Nassoy Photography

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