Human Performance Inspirationalist & A Special Needs Child

As a Human Performance Inspirationalist, I inspire others to exceed their personal expectations. Often times I must do this through example. In our ever-changing world there are trigger-points that make us stop and take inventory of ourselves and of our lives. Mine came one day when I held a child with special needs in my arms.

The baby was lethargic and scored poorly on the Apgar, but the nurses tried to act optimistically. I had spent enough time with babies to realize there was something disturbingly unusual about the one in my arms. This precious child was unresponsive, entirely too still and flaccid.

I’ll always remember the drive home from the doctor’s office the day I learned this special child in my life was diagnosed with “floppy baby syndrome”, or hypotonia, a state of low muscle tone. The underlying cause and the child’s future is a mystery still.

We all have come to grips with the fact that this perfect angel will not be physically perfect, and we face lifelong challenges. There is no looking backward or forward, we simply deal with one day at a time; one moment at a time. Daily expectations shift from “normal” to “special”, and my heart secretly aches watching moms’ of special needs child struggle through the cycles of life!

My blogging experience has made my life more complete. My intentions are for this blog to help when the day comes the Lord calls us home, and there is no one to care for a special needs child. Your support is greatly appreciated! Visit Scarlett Skillet E-Store and help me make a family, with a child with special needs, live without too many worries. The incredible can happen with your support!

Scarlett Skillet™ is a Forum for Culinary Arts, Masculine Masterpieces, & Ideas. A place where food and sex appetites are brought together harmoniously, a unique production that entertains inspires, and more importantly will make a difference for a child with special needs!

Call it tumbled nature, call it depraved, call it outrageous, but it is none-the-less a real example of a Human Performance Inspirationalist loving a child and wanting their life to be incredible – regardless of challenges!

God Bless and Thank You!

©Scarlett Skillet

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