Scene Enrichments & Delightful Devices…

JD makes our flank and skirt steaks beg for mercy without drawing the attention of the neighborhood with this unique device. Extraordinarily sharp, The Microplane Meat Tenderizer is a perfect addition to the living-kitchen-theater.






Talking Thermometer!Talking dirty is an essential part of our sex life, if you ask me. Definitely, it is at the top of the list of naughty things to do! “You naughty boy,” is my typical, with a huge smile, of course, response when JD is pushing back all the barriers and boundaries.  It assuredly provides a special spice in the bedroom!

Polite in nature, both of us have a great time talking dirty as a form of foreplay, but somehow, hearing, “Almost Ready”, and “Ready”, coming from a thermometer is something unique. It is a great conversation piece! JD always winks at me when we hear our talking thermometer, with a boyish, devilish grin, I might add. I know exactly what he wants me to recognize! LOL

www.vikkismyth.comSome of the more common uses of acrylic are in lighting fixtures and lenses, aquariums, and bathroom accessories, just to mention a few, however Vikki Smyth sees it for much more. Appreciating great food and wine, her passion for them is reflected in her masterpieces for displaying culinary delights!

Perhaps you are a party planner, special events professional, executive chef, food and beverage director, caterer, or someone who, like me, loves to entertain with a splash of luxury!  I encourage you to visit to learn more and be inspired for your next corporate event, wedding, or romantic dinner. JD is thrilled with the possibilities!

“Vikki Smyth Designs to live for®, are truly innovative and have won a spot on both Nv Notions and Get Gadgets. Check them out at

Here I suggest marinated olives, perhaps with garlic, thyme and rosemary; it does not take a large amount of time to transform an assortment of olives into incredible culinary nibbles.

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