Cast of Characters in My Life

JD, the love of my life, a nutritional coach professionally and is a certain stage act in my living-kitchen-theater. Our first date was made in the waiting room of a dentist’s office.

KG, with tremendous appetites and a close friend, practices dentistry when he is not satisfying his passion for horses and art. Introduced into my blog with Unique Introduction & My Vision Evolves post August 2012.

Willow and Windy, our new neighbors, are lovers with unique perspectives around life, food and the arts. Introduced into my blog with Good Neighbors with Unique Perspectives post September 2012.

Mizu, our gardener and landscape expert, is a playboy that refuses to let the mundane invade his life, passion or work. Introduced into my blog with Mizu and Japanese Sweets post September 2012.

Belvedere, “Bel” one of my closest friends, a name that means beautiful to see in Italian, he has literally died four times only to have more stories than I can tell that have impacted my life.

Chanel, she is practically a blood sibling, French-born, travels the world with my estranged brother and is the greatest sister-in-law I know. I refer to her as ‘CiCi’!

Olivia, my confidante and motivator, knows me on many levels that JD does not. Divorced after a 25 years, living on a gorgeous ranch, she is a woman entrepreneur that I admire and constantly seek her advice on life and professional insight. A designer with an attitude!

Nut & Meg are very interesting individuals. I must commend Meg , she is handling issues around raising children that at times breaks my heart. Her twin brother is nicknamed ‘Nut’ because she thinks he is crazy. He is a man dealing with bisexual discoveries and has captured my curiosity. I just love how their acquaintances relate to the nutmeg spice. Their lives are spicy and they both came from the same nut so-to-speak. Introduced into my blog with Two Spiceful Lives – One Special Needs Child post September 2012. Commissions made by Scarlett Skillet E-Store Features support a child with very special needs.

Wicked Walter the most loyal friend JD and I have! There are many stories about Walter and her nickname “wicked”. It is all positive and meant in a most adoring way. Yep, Walter is a Blue Weimaraner who brings much love and laughter to our lives. I know we humans are the only creatures concerned with sexual orientation and who is what, but Walter definitely shows her dominance, and we believe she is naturally our canine lesbian. Introduced into my blog with Wicked Walter and His Treats post September 2012.

“Way down deep, we’re all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them.” – Jim Davis. Pewter, our cat, a Russian Blue masterpiece, who we rescued and never regretted it, brings indescribable dimensions to the household! Pewter is a piece of work, noble in reason, but definitely a cat’s meow! The paragon of cats, he is our feline Casanova! Introducted into my blog with Sexy Man In The Kitchen – Pewter post September 2012.

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