Sexy Man In The Kitchen & Pewter

When it comes to lovemaking locations, let’s face it, most couples confine themselves within the four walls of the bedroom. No wonder lovemaking becomes routine as time passes. When I tell my clients that sex begins in the kitchen, they’re shocked, then amused, as if I said something kinky. There is nothing naughty or kinky about it; it’s just common sense. A man in the kitchen is hot!

How a couple interacts while the coffee brews and as the breakfast food is prepared and shared affects how they will interact in the bedroom that night. Sex starts in the kitchen in so many ways. There is nothing more basic to the home than the hearth, and nothing more basic to the relationship than meeting each other’s physical and emotional needs.  So combining them is a powerful, time-tested aphrodisiac.  The fact is, if you want to make love at night, it is wise to start showing love in the morning and continue throughout the day.

JD and I started expressing our love this morning in bed with the art of spooning. Like two babes, our warm bare flesh curled up against each other and a strong mutual feeling of intimacy developed. The tender beats of our hearts in concert started the day off superbly. His endowment pressing firmly against me, JD didn’t need to state his intentions – but the day’s agenda was full and we really needed to get moving. I ruefully said, “Sorry, Honey” and stroked him sympathetically as I slipped out of bed, into some clothes, and headed for the kitchen to make coffee.

I was greeted by our hungry kitty, Pewter, the moment I entered the kitchen.  Pewter still acts like a kitten, and is one of the best pet rescues we’ve made. One day sitting at my desk, a client walked in and dropped this gorgeous 10-week-old Russian Blue kitty in my lap, saying it was on its way to the Humane Society.  She was the last of the litter to find a home and had a slightly deformed leg. Her family was moving out-of-town within days and could not sell or even give away a less-than-perfect kitten. I was unsure I wanted to introduce a kitten into our home with Walter, our Blue Weimaraner, consuming so much of our attention, but one look into her blue eyes and I was smitten!

Walter and Pewter were mortal enemies at first, but by the end of the day they were cuddling like mother and child.  They now keep each other company while JD and I are gone and I’ll have to admit, multiple pet households are great!

For a quick breakfast I requested JD’s fabulous Dried Cherry, Hazelnut, White Chocolate, Twice-Baked Cookies.  But with puppy-like eyes he said, “You don’t say!  We don’t always get what we want, now, do we?”  I laughed with him as he cradled the cookie tin and opened the lid barely enough for me to slide one precious cookie out then slammed it shut.  I thought to myself, “Hmmm…withholding food for sex.  I wish now I hadn’t passed on that tent pitched in the sheets!”

food and sex - fiscotti

Dried Cherry, Hazelnut, White Chocolate Twice-Baked Cookies


3 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for work surface

• 1 cup sugar

• 2 teaspoons baking powder

• 3/4 teaspoon salt

• 1 tablespoon grated orange rind

• 4 tablespoons melted unsalted butter

• 2 tablespoon fresh orange juice

• 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

• 3 large eggs

• 3/4 cup dried sweet cherries or cranberries chopped

• 3/4 cup hazelnuts, toasted and chopped

• 1/2 cup white chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Combine flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together in a bowl. Set aside.

Mix eggs, melted butter, vanilla, orange and rind in a large bowl until blend well. Then add in dry ingredients 1 cup at a time until all ingredients are combined. Add cherries, chocolate and hazelnuts – mix by hand with a wooden spoon.

Turn the dough out onto a lightly-floured surface. Knead lightly a few minutes to be sure that cherries, chocolate and hazelnuts are well-distributed. Note: the dough will be sticky, so lightly add more flour if necessary. Divide dough in half.

Shape each half into long oval-shaped logs, and flatten to 1” thickness. Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. Remove flattened logs from baking sheet and let cool for 15 minutes on a wire rack. Then cut each roll diagonally into 1/2” slices.

Reduce oven temperature to 300 degrees.

Place the slices cut-sides down on a baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes. Remove, and turn each slice over, and bake for another 10 minutes.

Remove and cool on wire racks.

You may not think of your kitchen as a sexual playground, but that will change soon. All you need is a little creativity and inspiration. Make sure the kitchen is visually appealing and at the very least, organized. Everything tidied up? OK, then, grab some more coffee and explore my blog site!

Having coffee and a bite to eat in the mornings, JD and I really bond as lovers. Off go the TV, the computer, and hand-held devices.  The only thing hand-held is….well, you know.

This morning, we were enjoying being in the kitchen, and JD started to get frisky. He surely was building up the sexual tension standing just a few feet from me with a devilish look on his face and his masculinity straining his briefs.   Taking a sip of coffee, I moved toward him — but Pewter interrupted my plan!  As cats want to do, Pewter entangled herself in my feet at that very moment.  I zigged as Pewter zagged and disaster was unavoidable. The ordeal seemed in slow motion as I lurched toward JD, arms flailing, and the best I could do was catch his elastic waist band. I feel to my knees pulling JD’s briefs half off his hips. “When the urge strikes, Babe, just go for it,” he teased!

Pulling his briefs on down to the floor, I buried my face in him, kissing all over, no longer concerned about the day’s schedule.

The possibilities for sex in the kitchen are endless. There are warm, cold, hard and soft surfaces accommodating positions ripe for oral lovemaking and others perfect for intercourse.  It is a virtual buffet of options!  Not to mention the sheer excitement of possibly being seen by the neighbors!  Even if you’re not this adventurous, always keep the sexual fire going by flirting — touching, squeezing, rubbing –in the kitchen as much as possible. Keep your hands busy!

It’s no secret that creativity in the kitchen excites your man with great tasting and visually appealing food. So why not add another creative dimension to your home’s hearth? After all, there is no end to the possibilities when the chef is nude except for an apron. Making lasting memories with a man in the kitchen will fulfill that sexual appetite, too!

According to a recent survey, over half of US couples have sex in the heart of their home at least annually. Not bad! So go ahead and create your own recipe for a kitchen sex-capade! Visit Attire A’more for more ‘under the pants’ sexy views.

©2012 – Scarlett Skillet

Two Spiceful Lives – One Special Needs Child

crying womanKG had planned to come for dinner two nights ago, but JD and I had to cancel. Meg had shown up at our door with bloodshot eyes, streams of tears coming down her cheeks and carrying her baby. Brie, just seven months old, had been diagnosed with severe, life-threatening food allergies, and Meg was devastated.  She couldn’t even nurse.Why her? Hasn’t she been given enough to deal with? What’s next for the poor child?” she wailed. How could her sweet little daughter ever enjoy birthday parties, school events or simply a well-deserved sweet treat?  Childhood is tough enough without additional obstacles, and this was just the latest in a series of heartbreaking diagnoses.

When Brie was born she seemed lethargic and scored poorly on the Apgar, but the nurses tried to act optimistically.  I had spent enough time with babies to realize there was something disturbingly unusual about the one in my arms. This precious child was unresponsive, entirely too still and flaccid.

I’ll always remember the drive home from the doctor’s office the day Brie was diagnosed with “floppy baby syndrome”, or hypotonia, a state of low muscle tone. “What the hell does that mean for her? The doctor said it’s not a specific medical disorder. What do I do with that?” Meg screamed angrily.  I let her vent her rage and fears the entire way home. What can one do in a situation like this, but listen and promise to always be there for them both?

The underlying cause and the child’s future is a mystery still.  But as the diagnosis settled in, Meg came to grips with the fact that her perfect angel was not physically perfect, and they would both face lifelong challenges.  Meg stopped looking backward or forward and simply dealt with one day at a time; one moment at a time it seemedIt took many weeks for her expectations to shift from “normal” to “special”, but she characteristically dived into researching the syndrome, treatments and support groups. My heart secretly ached watching them struggle through the cycles of life—and now this latest blow just complicates what was already devastating!

A stranger looking at Meg—attractive, well-dressed and fit— might sum her up as a typically ‘together’ young woman without a care in the world. But looks are so deceiving. On top of caring for a special needs child, dealing with a rocky marriage and a hoard of financial issues, Meg’s hearing-impaired twin brother, Nut, recently moved in, adding fuel to the fire.

Meg’s husband, Pedro, a hardworking man, is plagued with many disturbing opinions and is outwardly homophobic. He never liked Nut—having heard rumors about him—but against Pedro’s vehement objections, Meg allowed Nut to move in. Her obligation to Nut, obviously, is not helping their marriage.

My blogging experience has made my life more complete, and in a strange way it is doing something for Meg, providing much-needed distraction. Every day she inquires about the blog, and two to three times a week we brew coffee and discuss what I should write about or add to the format. Attempting to convince her to become a contributor, Meg simply chuckles and says, “I have enough on my plate, thank you very much, and I am not one of your clients!”  True, Meg is not a paying client wanting to be inspired to find more in life, but ironically she inspires me every day! My intentions are for this blog to help her financially, knowing she has many sleepless nights worrying what will happen when the day comes she can no longer care for Brie. Your support is greatly appreciated! Visit Scarlett Skillet E-Store and help me make a mother with a special needs child live without too many worries.


I have known Meg and Nut, the “Nutmeg Twins” we called them, my entire life. We went to the same school and their family owned the farm next to my parents. There are many stories to tell; in fact they could fill an entire blog themselves. “Nut” is the nickname Meg bestowed upon her brother years ago. Being deaf from birth, Nut was often misunderstood by the “hearing” world. I have to admit, at times he did act rather nutty, but it was usually more the case of us not understanding his needs.  Today, Nut is a deaf man dealing with the complications of relationship with a distinct disadvantage. He’s certainly making Meg’s life more difficult, but I suspect he’ll be fodder for this blog in the future

“What am I going to do?” Meg demanded as she paced our kitchen the other night. Looking around she said, “It looks as if you two are entertaining tonight.”  JD went to get some ice and I explained that KG was coming over. “OMG,” Meg said, “He cannot see me like this!”  JD and I knew she was in no condition to socialize or to drive home.  JD made a call to KG, Meg fed the baby and put her down, and I made all three of us a pitcher of dirty martinis with bleu cheese-stuffed olives.  We were in for the night!

After swilling her first martini like a trooper, Meg began talking about Nut’s recent business trip. A mathematical genius, Nut found his calling as an auditor. There he could immerse himself in a world of numbers with few personal interactions. His boss traveled with him to on-site audits and to fill in the communication gaps, but there was something about this trip that shocked us all!

There were many rumors surrounding Nut as a kid, indicating that he could have interest in guys beyond skinny-dipping in the creek. But we figured he was simply going through the normal transition in becoming a man. However, his 10-year marriage going awry along with the email Meg held in her hand, confirmed the rumors.

Meg said she found the email carelessly open on her computer and confronted Nut. His response was simply, “What two adult men do on their own time, is their business!”

JD asked, “What? The two of them drank too much and shared a woman?” After all, Nut and his boss are two damn good-looking guys.  JD and I were speechless as Meg continued, “Nut and his boss have been having an affair!”  Our mouths fell open as Meg read the words off the paper she held:

Warning – if sexually explicit dialog disturbs you, please stop reading now!—

Hey ‘Boss’,

I was so looking forward to spending the week with you in Seattle. I knew you would make it a fun trip; I just didn’t how much fun you could be! We certainly saved the company some money by sharing a room! LOL The view on the 30th floor was incredible—especially inside!

I became instantly aroused when you stripped down in front me. As men, I know we all have the same junk, but having been married for years, I have developed modesty. Your body was the most beautiful sight my travel-worn eyes could have fallen upon. When you came out of the shower and dropped your towel, you noticed my response through my briefs immediately. You certainly took the queue from my hungry stare that you had me. I attempted to warn you but you took everything I had and you hungrily accepted.

Your appetite astounded me the entire week. I was so happy to be all yours!  Having hot, passionate sex every night, devouring each other and climaxing in unison was amazing!

Unfortunately, the week passed all too quickly and it’s back to the grind. We must always remain professional, but I cannot help stealing glances at you in the office. Thank you for arranging for the trip and for taking the leap!

BTW thank you for the site recommendation; “Bi Like Me – The life and times of a masculine, closeted, bisexual man!” It is great to know I am not alone.

Seattle is beautiful, and so are you!  Any plans for the weekend, Boss?


As difficult as this is for Meg to digest, she’s really dreading Pedro finding out.  He would have a fit! But what really troubles me is our taboo-ridden culture imposing boundaries and pressures on a man like Nut.  Beneath his hard, masculine exterior is a longing for true intimacy with another human being. An instinctual yearning for a real sense of sharing on the deepest emotional level has escaped Nut all his life. I cannot believe it is strictly about male sex as much as male bonding.

No one chooses to have food allergies, to be physically disabled, or to be void of hearing the song of a bird.  Similarly, no one chooses to be straight, gay or bisexual. Irrespective of our design, we are all products of Nature and it is our responsibility to live a purposeful life! I suggested Meg check out Married Gay to help her understand what may be going on.


DYK: Did you know nutmeg, one of the oldest spices, is unique among spices? The seed is dried, shelled and sold either whole or ground as the spice nutmeg. The outer, red, fleshy skin is also dried and ground, producing the spice knows as mace. Two spices from one nut!

©Scarlett Skillet

It is Never Just Black & White

Summer is passing quickly. Having change on my mind, I continue to seek inspiration for our living-kitchen-theater remodel. After all, the holiday season is not far off, and it surely would be nice to have it completed. A dramatic new backdrop to feature my sexy man cooking would be fabulous!

Inspiration surrounds us at all times. As an example, JD left early this morning, leaving a warm presence inside me. I picked up his B&W satin bow tie, laid it on the white pillowcase along with JD’s shiny-red aluminum condom case and said to myself, “Wow, I wonder what my living-kitchen-theater would look like in these basic colors!”

The phenomenon of color lies in the context of each individual’s life. Visceral reactions emanate based on one’s experiences and interpretations. The purity and innocence of white, the sexuality and sophistication of black, and the excitement and passion of red all have symbolic and emotional connotations for me. As dramatic as this kitchen design is already – it spurred many thoughts. What compliments a design more than the presence of a man at one with his surroundings, free of too much fabric, free of concerns and inhibitions? There is nothing like a man cooking in the buff wearing only a bow tie and apron to let the imagination soar and happiness swell inside – a spectacular ‘mise en place’ for any recipe!

On this crisp, fall-like day, I recall craving fresh salsa one night last winter. Most of the typical ingredients being out of season, JD used his favorite roasted sweet potatoes salsa recipe and added some pomegranates and blackberries for a splash of summer. We enjoyed a winter salsa that led to a very happy ending.  JD looked into my eyes that night, and with sweet cinnamon on his breath, whispered, “I have loved you always. I’ve loved you since the day I met you in KG’s office. Your beautiful mouth still numb, I loved the way you tried so hard to sound alluring with those full, fat, numb lips” he teased. “Seriously, I cannot tell you how often I’ve looked at you with lust and with love and ached to throw you down and make love to you right then and there!”

I’ll always remember that winter evening. The spectacular happened right there in our kitchen. JD’s gaze never left mine as the swirl of natural instinct came over his body. My eyes told him I was having the same thoughts as I played with his protruding nipples and he mine. We both knew that soon JD would be sinking into my body. My insides melting with anticipation, I wanted bred long and hard! We moved to the warmth of our bedroom.

The walls echoed with our moaning and groaning reaching to a fevered pitch several times during the hour. JD deeply embedded, nature was driving him to have his whole body into my welcoming warmth. Panting, as though he could not catch his breath, JD wanted release in a most maddening way. Our tongues wrestling, JD turned his piston-driven movements to a gentle back and forth love making that gave us both the full effect of our united bodies. I was in a heavenly state, feeling JD’s hardness rub my intimate insides. I so deeply wished that we never had to stop.

There was a tingling that started to curl my toes when JD’s breathing became jagged and his body was writhing at a whole new level. The intensity building up in us both, I felt myself, beyond reason, clamping down and feeling JD’s member swelling at the same time. Evidence of my sexy chef engaged in great sex filled the air and there was no avoiding his explosive orgasm.  With all the fullness a man can provide, a crescendo of pleasures rippled through our bodies simultaneously!


I don’t recall falling asleep, but I do remember dreaming of snow fluttering down, melting into the blackness of our pond, and a stunningly bright cardinal landing nearby.   I awakened to the aroma of a Spiced Apple Pancake but I wanted nothing more than for JD to return to bed. Instead we snuggled in front of a fire, feeding each other slices of the pancake sprinkled with powdered sugar – really; there are very few things as wonderfully memorable as that.

I surely thank you for stopping by Scarlett Skillet, where food and sex are the norm. Have you tried my Spiced Apple Pancake suggestion at Scarlett Skillet Tidbits on Facebook?

KG is stopping soon, and I need to prepare for his visit. I am sure he will have a great story or two. Besides he has a great appetite, which JD loves, and always a devilish look in his eyes. This Daniel Nassoy image reminds me of KG so much!

Stop Simmering Your Happiness – Change & Let It Boil

Ideas surround us. Some are obvious; others need cultivation, but most simply need inspiration. The worst is a good idea never shared.  I have learned in life that sharing new ideas is paramount to innovation and success.

One of my clients inspired me today with her reluctance to share an idea. Showing me one of the platescapes on my blog, she stated, “I cannot show this great presentation idea to my colleague. If a naked man shows up while I’m showing him, he will think I am a ‘pervert’!” She went on to tell me how unhappy she was with her present work assignment. The uncreative atmosphere she finds herself in is definitely dampening her self-happiness. We worked on first changing her mindset about Scarlett Skillet. With a changed attitude, I am sure she will find some note of happiness by encouraging her co-workers’ creativity through sharing what she found on Scarlett Skillet.

When my inspired client left my office, I got to thinking.  We all have ideas of what happiness consists of and what it would take to make it happen. Getting out of debt, losing weight, getting a better job, or even enjoying the one you have, are goals I hear every day as a Human Performance Inspirationalist. Of course, any one of these can be great and change your life. But will they truly provide happiness? As one who inspires others to increase self-performance at work and at home, I had to learn what happiness is.

What I learned about myself is that I already have all I need for overallhappiness– a successful career helping others and a great family life– but my true inner happiness was buried beneath my insecurity regarding other people’s opinions of me, my desire to express my passion for the male form, my discontent with my life as a “foodie” and general self-loathing.

I recently discovered –through writing this blog, by the way– the path to my inner peace is by recognizing and appreciating what I already have and not obsessing about what I need to change about myself. I really do not need to alter my life or accumulate more things. I simply need to adjust my mindset. I must embrace what is already here and focus on my passions. I love photography, and I love great food and wine, but most importantly I love being a sexual creature!

I changed my attitude toward myself first by casting off my cloak of self-doubt, without changing the dynamics of my life in any major way. Art provoked change, passion ignited execution and fantasy met reality!

We all fantasize, mostly without realizing it. We fantasize about the ideal partner, the model kids, the perfect job, the home with everything, the car that turns heads, clothes that make us sexy, exotic travel, earth-shaking sexual encounters, and let’s not forget a healthy bank account.

If I had all these things, I would certainly be happy, right?  Of course I would for a while, anyway! Then as the luster faded on each, I would still be searching for that inner joy, i.e. self-happiness.

Starting this blog overcame my fear of shocking conservative thinkers and outraging the politically correct. The anonymity of a blog format helped make me comfortable with my sexual fascination and set me free to combine my passions in life, share them with you, and in doing so I have discovered a path for understanding myself like never before! I’ve finally realized why I’ve been holding on to volumes of research, photographs, recipes, cookbooks, and clever ideas for entertaining all these years.  I’ve discovered my limitations in writing concisely and logically, and in that regard I’m a work in progress. I’ve also learned that the litmus test of a true passion is untold hours flying by without notice as creativity flows from the mind to the screen.  But most importantly, I’ve learned the unmitigated joy of sharing my twin passions, food and sex, and how many of us there are out there that understand the connection.

The incredible does happen when food and sex are co-stars in a provocative setting! However, I am astonished with the number of blog visitors that remain uncomfortable sharing this blog, apparently afraid to be considered naughty or at the very least, unconventional.  But I am ever so encouraged by those with open, inquisitive minds, as this gentleman who emailed me at

“I enjoyed visiting your blog. Besides some grammar issues, I found it entertaining. It’s nothing more than human nature to be curious about what other men look like, to compare one’s body to other guys. It’s perfectly natural to appreciate the beauty of other men, on the Internet, on magazine covers, in the gym showers, at athletic events or even the ballet. None of these things mean I am not straight. I am straight and love to cook! I will be back to see how I measure up as an art form and a cook for my wife.”

I told my client today, “Leave behind the old baggage, outdated ideals and low self-esteem. Discover what brings you happiness and let it flow out of you.” I sincerely encourage you, too, to think and behave differently. Stop allowing those ideas to simmer; pull the lid off, let them boil to the surface and share them!

If this blog makes you think differently about the budding opportunity in your life then I’m doing something worth while here and I would love to hear from you. Perhaps you have a photography passion. Let it develop! Perhaps it is a culinary calling. Let it not marinate! Whatever your appetite, explore it and, to quote mythologist Joseph Campbell, “follow your bliss”!

Of course,to do so,means change must occur and one must be mentally prepared to accept it.

Today I handed my client an essential ingredient for making change. If you are familiar with “Who Moved My Cheese”, by Spencer Johnson, M.D., then re-read it with a new life agenda in mind. If you have not, purchase a copy of this incredible book. It is an entertaining, quick read that demonstrates an amazing way to deal with CHANGE in your life. Primarily used for change management in business, this book is immensely powerful for love lives and family relations, as well. It is a great investment and a valuable resource.  It never leaves the top of my desk.

Embrace change in your life and let the amazing ideas within you boil over!

I hope you enjoy my art blog, pass it along to your friends.  Let them express their opinions, for it is not art if it does not invoke some kind of emotion. You never know what will trigger emotion in a lover, family member, friend, or even a client.  I am amazed on a daily basis!

Thank you for taking the time to visit. It is greatly appreciated! May you have a happy ending with all your appetites satiated!

Mizu and Japanese Sweets

Mizu, JD and I have been friends for years, but we never let our respective cravings get the better of us. For Mizu is not just a dear friend, he is our gardener, as well. There is sporadic flirtation weaving its way into our daily interactions but nothing overt. At some point I will expand on my own flirtatious indulgences, but today is not the day. Let it suffice to say I have paused a moment too long gazing at Mizu stripped to his bare, glistening flesh, posing for the neighbors while completely in his own horticultural world – and not caring a whit if he catches me. The man has a strong tendency toward exhibitionism!


As this image suggests, Mizu and I have had our moments of mutual desire and intrigue, but we’ve always managed to comport ourselves professionally and as nothing more than friends. However, Mizu is all man.  And I do not apologize for appreciating all forms of male art.

Mizu’s Japanese mother had an incredible culinary influence on him, but his American father, a Navy Seal, was absent much of his life. His mother reared him to honor his body, the land, the air, the water and all of God’s creations. His nickname, Mizu, Japanese for “water” was the only thing bestowed by his father.  Mizu developed not only an affinity for water – as revealed by the many ponds and waterfalls he created for us – he has an intense thirst for sex.

It is rumored that several neighbors have been amazed by Mizu’s sustainability in the bedroom, thus dismissing the myth of Asian men and their prowess, but I can only testify to his treating his body as a temple.  My eyes linger at the sight of Mizu meticulously tending our gardens, appearing like a garden feature himself, and I am quite sure our neighbors, Willow and Windy,  are equally impressed with his efforts.

ShockingMizu has a wicked sense of humor. Yesterday, he and I spent two hours discussing my kitchen remodeling project and the class reunion he attended over the weekend. Taking a sip of his green tea, he recounted talking with two classmates, bringing each other up to date on their careers, sports, etc. and eventually, as with all men, the conversation steered toward sex. Naturally, that piqued my interest—yet unsettled me at the same time.  He went on to say one classmate complained, had sex once a week or so, but had nothing to brag about.  The other admitted, “My sex life is GREAT, since my wife and I got into S&M!”  After an appropriate comedic pause, Mizu responded, “Yeah, she Sleeps & you Masturbate!”

I laughed uproariously, maybe a bit too much and too forced, because with that little joke Mizu had crossed a line that made my body tingle and my mind wander.  He had never so much as cursed innocently in my presence, so hearing him utter sexually charged words seemed to lurch our relationship into a new and enticing zone. We continued to share jokes along that line, all the while sadly aware of the slow death a sexual connection suffers due to the lack of innovation that keeps appetites alive.  


Speaking of appetites, Mizu recently prepared two of my favorite Japanese desserts, to which I have added Willow’s cake sushi rolls.  I suspect Willow and Mizu have much to share beyond landscaping and cooking. Anyway, Nami, the author for Just One Cookbook, stimulated Mizu and me to be more culinarily adventurous by introducing us to her exciting Japanese creations. Below are the recipes and photos which inspired Mizu to create his Strawberry Daifuku (Strawberry Mochi) and Green Tea & White Chocolate Cookies. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!  Visit Nami’s site where she shares more quick & easy Japanese home cooking recipes.

Click here for recipe

Click here for recipe

Thanks for joining Scarlett Skillet today! Don’t forget to check out Scarlett Skillet Tidbits on Facebook. I encourage you to review the article on Green Tea and its health benefits in my Fitness & Form menu item above, too. Both are just a click away.

Good Neighbors with Unique Perspectives

I knew that two gentlemen had recently moved in next door, but I was unsure if they were brothers, friends or (as I suspected) lovers. JD met them first but never mentioned their relationship, nor did it matter. They seemed to maintain their house beautifully, and they always waved with a friendly smile as we came and went. All JD told me about them was that Windy is a photo buff looking for work and Willow is a real estate developer who works from home. Whatever their relationship, I am determined to let them know they are very welcome to the neighborhood!

With little food in the house and on short notice, JD informed me he had invited Windy and Willow over for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres this evening.  “So what are you making for them?” I asked.  That was our code for “How dare you invite someone over and expect me to perform!”

Before I could take it to the next level, Windy knocked and entered through our rear doors, talking as he walked like he had contracted a rare form of verborrhea–you know, the type you rather enjoy at the time and only occurs to you in retrospect. He was nonetheless interesting and seemed fascinated by everything he saw.  For the first hour the only words I spoke were “Hello, I’m Scarlett!” and my brief answers peppered within a barrage of questions.  There was little doubt why he was called “Windy”.

It is said the song Windy took less than 30 minutes to write. Singer/songwriter Ruthann Friedman never revealed the identity of “Windy” but she did explain the song was a fantasy about the kind of guy she wished to meet. The Association was first to record the song by turning “Windy” into a girl. (Click here to listen to a You Tube piece on The Association singing “Windy” in 1967 at The Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, IL.) I fleetingly wondered if our Windy had met the same fate.

Windy carried under his arm what I thought was a handbag, but turned out to be a small, black portfolio, and without encouragement he began to share his love of photography with me and JD.  A photo enthusiast myself, I enjoy interpreting the deeper meaning of photographs rather than actually creating them.  My interest certainly was piqued as I turned the above image on its side!

Windy was telling us one story after the other about himself and Willow and how they enjoyed long rides when the doorbell rang. JD, the consummate host, sprang to the door, spilling wine as he walked, and Willow, a clean-cut, good-looking latino in his late 30’s with a long, fit, athletic body, entered carrying a tray of Matcha Cake Sushi Rolls. The unconventional bite-sized, sushi desserts fit right into my fantasies du jour.  “That’s it”, I thought, “they’re gay.”

 Click here for recipe source.

nipple lickGreat gourmet outdoor kitchenWith Willow here, the conversation flowed better.  Windy was not-so-very in Willow’s presence, and I began to see the nuances of their relationship.  We chatted about the usual neighborly stuff at first: crime, property taxes, oddball neighbors, history of our ‘hood, home design and our common interest in the culinary arts. Before long they began to recount persecution they had endured in previous neighborhoods due to their lifestyle, and found my opportunity to assure them this neighborhood was quite different.

We also discussed our kitchen remodeling project. My living-kitchen-theater idea caught their imaginations and they invited JD and me over to their poolside kitchen for additional inspiration. JD slipped into the laundry room to change his wine stained shirt.  I quietly followed, and–always the opportunist–caught him off guard with his arms over his head entangled in his tee, and I gave his nipples warm, wet licks, suggesting what would certainly follow later on.

alluring nippleBeing late summer and the weather still warm, Windy was only wearing a tight T-shirt and cargo shorts. What really turned me on were the two nubs outlined with cotton. Imaging his natural brown buttons upon his well-defined chest, I was becoming aroused. My mind filled with erotic thoughts as I attempted to listen to what he was discussing with JD. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. My mind reeled as I struggled with the strange serpentine-like desires slinking within me. JD’s nipples turn me on, simply because they are another wonderful body part to be admired, touched, kissed and licked, but I could not help from wondering what it would be like to touch Windy’s bare, fleshy eraser heads protruding so prominently beneath his T-shirt. Oh, how dull a male bosom would be without them! Sometimes when JD is asleep I’ll roll his nipples between my fingers and be rewarded with his manhood pitching a tent in the sheets. I love getting JD excited by stimulating his nipples!

My research has proved the nude body to be the highest expression of art. Religious figures and heroes are often shown in flimsy or tight coverings. I was astonished by what I saw in Windy and Willow’s home. The focus mainly on the male form with prints of Michelangelo’s, magnificent manly sculptures, incredible nude paintings and etchings that gave the interior a contemporary, museum-like quality.  Art that pushed the boundaries culturally and creatively seemed so natural and inviting.  Nothing was pornographic or even tasteless.  Their collection added unbelievable beauty to the home.

Two photography pieces caught my eye immediately. Both were by Blommers and Schumm. “Whether it is male or female, the human ass certainly looks provocative,” Willow stated standing behind me. “I have to agree, there is a certain mystery and erogenous quality to it,” I replied.

Willow kindly concurred and explained, “That’s simply a folded piece of paper you’re looking at!”

Astonished, my focus went to another wall embellishment. I was puzzled as to why two gay gentlemen would have a framed photo of a woman’s legs parted and wearing a thong.

“I don’t see what you’re talking about,” JD said, handing me a drink., “All I see is a lamp!” We all laughed, acknowledging the mind is the most powerful sex organ, especially when stimulated with images. Human beings have always been fascinated by imagery, and since Lascaux, the most important ones are those of the human form. Intellectually, the discriminating mind knows the difference between a two-dimensional image and the presence of warm flesh, but the emotional response to them can be identical–which gives an image such power!

We had a wonderful time with Willow and Windy today. I strongly suspect they will have a huge impact on me. Especially around food and sex! With a smile, Windy suggested I visit Man Watch as he kissed me on the cheek before we left.

Thanks for visiting and do not forget to check out Scarlett Skillet Tidbits on Facebook. Routinely I have something posted to spark something within you.

Bodyscapes , Platescapes & Landscapes; Powerful Trio!

Ultimately, indulging in farm-fresh air, with a touch of a beach, was on our minds yesterday. Looking for a memorable getaway set against an idyllic backdrop of green pastures and sandy Isles, JD seductively prepared a picnic basket. With the aroma of pears poached in red wine filling our living-kitchen-theater, I was plagued by erotic thoughts as I watch him masterfully do his magic. Relaxing piano spa music playing in the background, I pulled together my collection of Allen I Teger®’s photography at JD loaded the car and we embarked on our escape.

No matter how hard I tried, I just could not get images of JD’s nude body-scape off my mind. Every thought was more erotic than the last with his shirt unbuttoned.  The imageries were definitely affecting my concentration. We still needed to finalize our kitchen remodel and it was not getting completed with me admiring the hairs around JD’s nipples dance with the rush of air coming through the window.  In a few hours, JD suddenly pulled off the highway and we found a gorgeous grassland spot, just steps from the ocean.

The aesthetic farmland landscape overwhelmed me when the car door opened. “Come on,” JD called out, looking very handsome and sexually arousing.  Together we walked to explore and celebrate a place of serenity where we would discover the pleasurable company of each other. The sights and sounds of nature’s harmonies delighted both our appetites. The ever-changing panoramic views provided a visual banquet and limitless peaceful locations to enjoy JD’s picnic basket creation.

The natural setting was perfect for our intimate retreat. Just a short way from a coastal habitat, the rhythms of our heartbeats were in concert and our bodies reacted with romantic anticipations. We shared a basket filled with; Moroccan chickpea & couscous salad, homemade crispy bread, roasted red pepper and pinenut hummus, fresh julienne vegetables, roasted mixed nuts, marinated olives, lemon & herb chicken kebabs, and, of course, JD’s poached pears. During the course of fulfilling our hunger, I realized that JD had taken more of an interest in me than the incredible flavors in his mouth.

JD’s body language was solid, warm and inviting. The manly musk of man combined with the fresh air made for an intoxicating mix for me to inhale. The hardness of his chest, the strength of his powerful arms, those vivid blue eyes all captured my attention. My eyes fell upon his lips. A long hot passionate kiss pursued that caused my loins to tingle and my soul to be seared. JD pressed against me and his aroused manhood was undeniably present against my body.

I caressed his powerful buttocks and JD moaned with approval and whispering, “Let’s go to the beach!”

The journey to the sandy scenery settled our picnic food, and JD started to strip down before me. Throwing out a blanket, he looked into my eyes. “I want you badly,” he said suggestively!

Tracing, with my finger, the contours of his exposed masculine form, I kissed JD’s neck and chest. He gasped when my lips landed on his hairy sensitive nipples.

I pulled off all my clothes and tossed them aside. My heart racing, blood pounding in my head and every intimate part of my body, I wanted him badly, too! My body physically and visually shouted for his touch. “God, you are gorgeous,” JD gasped before massaging my nipples until they became hard. Between soft breaths, he traced my flesh, kissing and licking until he reached my erect nipples. Warning if you are sensitive to sexual content, stop!

 “Oh yes,” I moaned! His body was calling me. I moved down his chest, my tongue stopped at his protruding nipples and down the center of his torso, tickling and teasing, to probe his navel before moving down his hairy happy trail. JD whimpered under the sheer pleasure! His powerful thighs quivered with clear evidence he was all man. JD gyrated his hips and let out a deep groan while he fought to keep from losing control. I was driving him insane.

“Now,” he yelled out!

JD gently rolled on top of me and spread my legs to reveal the center of my being. A man overtaken by sexual appetite, he impaled my core and began thrusting slowing in and out. JD striking my trigger spot, I arched my back and called out his name. JD had total control of my body and his granite-feeling manhood was ready to deliver in a major way.

Biting my lip with overwhelming pleasure, JD pressed himself hard against my ravaged body. I wrapped my legs around his waist and enjoyed feeling his upcoming tremendous orgasm. His body convulsing, and nearly breathless, JD was lovingly consumed when pearly strands left his body. I squeezed JD when my body started to jerk with my own orgasm. Shaking and panting, my body was covered with his sweat and my insides painted with his seed, as I lie beneath him.

“Oh God,” I said as I felt his presences slide from inside me. We both laid there under the daylight, and the sound of the surf off in the distance, lost in the afterglow of our powerful physical love-making concert.

All my hopes, dreams and achievements are immensely connected to JD. Click this Allan I Teger® image to be connected to a You Tube® presentation which is fitting. Light some candles, listen, relax, and explore each other’s bodyscapes. Make love to them!

This savory red wine poached pear creation is a perfect option for an elegant treat for you both. With a fruit-forward red wine this culinary prescription maximizes the pear’s natural sweetness. Peel and core 2 pears and set aside. Combine 1 ½ cups of red Zinfandel with ¾ cup of Coconut Palm Sugar, Juice and zest of one lemon, 1 vanilla bean or 2 tsp of vanilla extract, and 2 sticks of cinnamon in a skillet. Bring to a boil and once mixture is boiling, turn heat down to a simmer and add the pears. Simmer pears for 10-12 minutes, turn and simmer for an additional 8-10 minutes. Turn and simmer until pears are easily poked through with a fork. Remove pears from hot liquid and let them cool. Boil remaining wine mixture until the liquid is reduced by one-half. Pour sauce over pears and serve with your favorite vanilla ice cream. Shave chocolate over the top before presenting.

I have to wrap things up. Our new neighbors are coming over to celebrate the Labor Day with us. JD tells me they are of great interest. Hopefully, they will bring some interest to my life and I can share it with you.

Bon Appetite and Happy Labor Day!

A Thousand Visitors and a Memorable Time!

Known as the “Garden of the Great Spirit”, by many, the dynamic woodlands and inspirational waters of the 1000 Islands, in my opinion, are one of the most beautiful places on earth. With waterfront villages and authentic heritage, the Thousand Islands gave their name to Thousand Island dressing, made popular by actress May Irwin around the turn of the 20th century. More recently, memories of the area have a different meaningful significance. Earlier, today, my blog visitors surpassed the 1000 mark!

JD is forever teasing me about my capability to reminiscence. I resurrect things from the past by what culinary concoctions I experienced, momentous life-marks, images viewed, or sexual delights I lived. It was two years after KG extracted my tooth and introduced me to JD when I first experienced the 1000 Islands.  As awkward as it was, it is certainly true that if I had not met JD that day, with my mouth still numb from Novocaine, we both would have crossed paths with someone else, and our lives would have gone completely different directions. Talk about a twist of destiny! Thanks KG!

untitled manMentioned earlier in my blog, KG was, and still remains, a significant influence in my life, as well as JD’s.  We both cannot thank KG enough for suggesting we take the trip to the 1000 Islands. We arrived early evening with our seductive travel conversations fresh in our minds and headed directly to our suite. With two incredible Crab & Lobster Louis Cocktails happily finished off and half of a bottle of champagne sitting in the ice bucket, JD stripped down to his briefs. Unbuttoning his shirt, he laid back on the bed with a devilish twinkle in his eye. The above image is certainly not JD, but it definitely portrays the similar beauty I saw that evening. Warning if you are sensitive to sexual content, stop!

It was a warm evening and a breathtaking treat to see JD lay with is arms behind his head revealing masculine tuffs under his arms and, at the time, his nearly hairless torso. His faint, hairy “happy trail” starting at his navel and disappearing below the waistband of his snug underwear drove me crazy. I knew, all too well, what manly package remained covertly covered by the white cotton, leaving little to the imagination, by the way, and I wanted more. I sipped my champagne very contentedly thinking I have done well for myself before I pounced!

I could not keep my eyes off him and my mind from replaying all the amazing scenes of our previous love-making. With all my will-power gone, I ripped his briefs off. His throbbing manhood painted my bare flesh with countless smears of his shiny, manly exhilaration. His balls were pulled up tight and battling the urge to release. With his sexual panting echoing off the walls, I could not resist wanting him.

His mind racing with the touch of my stimulating flesh, I am sure, he tried to control his instincts, but nature was strong and there was desperation in his eyes that only a full ejaculation would settle. JD’s quivering body attempted to hold back as I answered my own instinctual calling to accept him.

My legs opened, my lustful, sexually dazed, needful stare told JD I obviously loved him and his deed. He pumped with short intentional strokes, concentrating on the sensations traveling throughout his body; my pleasure clearly built up nicely and was intense. I opened my legs wider and then shut them, over and over, working him and me into a memorable orgasm.

JD plunged all the way down to the point he could go no further. With long deep strokes, he would stop and start several times to generate a potent ejaculation and make my insides melt with anticipation. Knowing the slightest encouragement would send him over the edge, to a point of no return, I fingered his nipples.

Already on the brink of exploding, JD gasped with orgasmic tremors, and my body started to shiver with his body. When the first shot of his prized, velvety, solely his fabrication landed inside me, I felt like applauding. I was too immensely into my own remarkable, sexual journey, though. We rolled together onto our sides; he looked at me with satiated lover eyes. We cuddled united and both went to sleep from our powerful sexual encounter with him undoubtedly part of me.

untitled man 2Imagery is a powerful influence. This particular one catches what a man often unknowingly shares with his eyes, especially between the sheets; natural desires and gratification playing deep inside him. We woke a few hours later that night, showered, and could not refrain from our sexual temptations, yet again! I just could not refuse JD’s masterful soft eye-to-eye invite and sexy touch. I still cannot! Who needs words when the eyes speak chapters in a book series?

Every time I have Crab & Lobster Louis Cocktails, I recall that night we spent in 1000 Islands. I most certainly will remember this day when over 1000 visitors took interest in what I had to say. I hear JD coming into the house. He went to visit our new neighbors. He does not know it yet, but we are going to celebrate tonight!

Loving funnels down to instinct and appetite, Thank you for visiting!

Inspiration is everywhere; Men in Blue & Garden Yellows!

Inspirational opportunity surrounds us everyday. We just have to learn to cultivate our ability to recognize it, harness it, embellish upon it, and execute the results. From my perspective, inspiration is the nexus of ingenuity, and I am sure, I am not alone with this line of thinking. Naturally, creativity is not always easy. There is no secret, my inspiration and creativity are spontaneous episodes.

 Personally, I find my environment the greatest influence. Whether I am at home, at the mall, strolling through an Art Festival, scoping out metro-landscapes, leisurely laying next to JD naked, admiring a photograph, or reading about an elaborate recipe process, they all play an essential part. Stimulating my mind and invigorating all my senses are the key factors for the creative juices to flow, not to mention allowing other fluids to stream as well. It is magical when something sparks inspiration and you accomplish your personal goals for happiness!

For instance, walking through the garden this morning under an ocean blue sky, I noticed how incredibly beautiful fresh vegetables are, like in this image. I had no idea what was going to strike me today. Picking up JD’s yellow bow tie off the counter and turning to my computer screen, it struck!

Fanning the flames of curiosity, a picture of a man in blue beckoned my inspirational juices. Tossing JD’s bowtie along the side of the computer screen, my eyes triggered thought. What would it be like to have a living-kitchen-theater capturing blue skies, JD, and the beauty of a garden? I am constantly amazed how my eyes capture images and stir my two appetites!

We can only see in black and white in the dark, however the cones in our eyes respond to blue very well. I guess that is why this image strikes me so positively. Click on the image to view an interesting You Tube vid by Blue Man Group and see another source of my inspiration today.

Not yet knowing how the blues and yellows would certainly impact my day, our alarm clock sounded off next to the bed this morning. I lifted my head from the indulgent, warm mound of flesh that is JD’s chest and silenced the screaming alarm. Comfortably secluded, I took my spot once again on JD. His soft masculine breathing and the strong beat of his heart were music to my ears. Warning if you are sensitive to sexual content, stop!

Knowing our day was filled with a horseback riding trip, I did not want to remain in bed too long, but I just had to pull JD back into me while my arms embraced his chest. His back so unbelievably warm against my stomach, I kissed his neck and nibbled his ear to awaken him from his slumber. He rolled over and his lips met mine. “I love you,” I whispered softly.

He just stared into my eyes and whispered back, “I love you more!” With that, he gave me a soft, lasting, passionate kiss before grabbing my hands, holding them over my head. Rolling on top of me, he spread my legs with his hairy thighs, and my heart raced. Pressing himself against my body, he kissed my neck, and traced down my naked flesh, to my navel. Retracing his tracks, he came back to my lips, and his throbbing man sword knew where it wanted to go!

His manliness pushed its way deep into my stretching, welcoming body. “Make love to me,” I commanded. With that, his firm hands held my arms above my head, and I lifted my waist. At first, his thrusts were slow and powerful. His instincts kicked in with a most incredible thrust, then another one, and another, faster, faster and harder. The sound of flesh slapping echoed off the walls! I loved every sound. The bed was rocking!

Suddenly his muscles tightened up, he forced himself deep into me one last time, and gasped as strand, after strand, of his warm seed filled my ravaged cavity. Slowly, sliding in and out of me a few more times, just to make sure I had it all, he rolled off me a very satisfied man. I was most certainly satisfied with that! I left him sleep a bit more.

With our horseback ride this morning cut short, I started to look for some more kitchen ideas. A photo I located on made everything come together. This image captures the purity of our love. The backdrop of yellow would call back memories of the garden in the summer and JD’s spectacular yellow bow tie. The touch of red will allow me to visualize JD’s scarlet skillet sitting on the burners, and the random blue will assuredly spark my appreciation for the color of blue. However, my cheese box palate remains true to heart. Onward!

Just another random, spontaneous inspiration. The world is full of them!! Now I only need to get JD to prepare his Broiled-Skillet Yellow Squash with Vinaigrette, Fresh Dill & Local Goat Cheese. Oh yeah, served with warm Blueberry Bread, too!

Hot Farmer has Passion for His Plants…

He and his brothers, with a version of “I’m Sexy and I Know it” by LMFAO, have millions of hits on You Tube. Scarlett Skillet cannot agree more with the sexy young farmer! Passion makes a lot of things grow! Agriculture is of the utmost importance for JD, in fact, all of us, to produce incredible meals and dishes. Food definitely does NOT simply grow on grocery store shelves. Support your local farmer as much as possible! It is FUN!

Click here to see You Tube vid! or click directly on the pic! Share it with your friends.

Click “Salacious Sensations” menu item above for Machos & Sweet Passion by Machosvison. A slide show of male art photography.