Male Photography – Appetizing

Click introductory photo below for an artistic presentation by Visionmachos.

Eyes on Phellaz Protraits

Male Art Gallery – the male art form is NOT put on the back burner at Scarlett Skillet.

Historians believe the birth of our  Western Civilization started with the ideals of Greek Art. Appreciation for the natural male form, as an art, Ancient Greeks actually used a complex ratio of symmetrical measurements based on the male body. Based on science, earliest Greek Art mathematically calculated sexual attractiveness and reproduced it using various mediums.

Considering all the images I have pondered in my lifetime, I always have a sensual captivation ignited by the imagination behind the camera lens.  Photograph images, pencil art, and brush strokes inspire us, but none like the human form.  The power of the male form has been captured and celebrated for centuries.

I hope to build an assembly rejoicing the human male body.  If you are a photographer or artist, please feel free to contact me with your work or ideas at  I am constantly seeking for images or art that captures the subtle nuances and beauty of the male form.

There are some that find this type of forum offensive.  There is not any room for tunnel vision when visiting Scarlett Skillet, but there is plenty of opportunity to appreciate. If the male body offends you, please consider leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy this introductory start with some masculine black & white photographic masterpieces.