Skillet Pasta Carbonara

JD is such a sexy man cooking pasta alla carbonara! I love it in its many forms and variations. Luscious and wonderfully indulgent, it takes him as long to prepare as it does for the pasta to cook. Simple, high quality ingredients make all the difference and when you add a pinch of nutmeg the fans rave. JD uses a recipe at Simply Delicious as his base and let’s his imagination soar with his scarlett skillet in hand.

It is Never Just Black & White

Summer is passing quickly. Having change on my mind, I continue to seek inspiration for our living-kitchen-theater remodel. After all, the holiday season is not far off, and it surely would be nice to have it completed. A dramatic new backdrop to feature my sexy man cooking would be fabulous!

Inspiration surrounds us at all times. As an example, JD left early this morning, leaving a warm presence inside me. I picked up his B&W satin bow tie, laid it on the white pillowcase along with JD’s shiny-red aluminum condom case and said to myself, “Wow, I wonder what my living-kitchen-theater would look like in these basic colors!”

The phenomenon of color lies in the context of each individual’s life. Visceral reactions emanate based on one’s experiences and interpretations. The purity and innocence of white, the sexuality and sophistication of black, and the excitement and passion of red all have symbolic and emotional connotations for me. As dramatic as this kitchen design is already – it spurred many thoughts. What compliments a design more than the presence of a man at one with his surroundings, free of too much fabric, free of concerns and inhibitions? There is nothing like a man cooking in the buff wearing only a bow tie and apron to let the imagination soar and happiness swell inside – a spectacular ‘mise en place’ for any recipe!

On this crisp, fall-like day, I recall craving fresh salsa one night last winter. Most of the typical ingredients being out of season, JD used his favorite roasted sweet potatoes salsa recipe and added some pomegranates and blackberries for a splash of summer. We enjoyed a winter salsa that led to a very happy ending.  JD looked into my eyes that night, and with sweet cinnamon on his breath, whispered, “I have loved you always. I’ve loved you since the day I met you in KG’s office. Your beautiful mouth still numb, I loved the way you tried so hard to sound alluring with those full, fat, numb lips” he teased. “Seriously, I cannot tell you how often I’ve looked at you with lust and with love and ached to throw you down and make love to you right then and there!”

I’ll always remember that winter evening. The spectacular happened right there in our kitchen. JD’s gaze never left mine as the swirl of natural instinct came over his body. My eyes told him I was having the same thoughts as I played with his protruding nipples and he mine. We both knew that soon JD would be sinking into my body. My insides melting with anticipation, I wanted bred long and hard! We moved to the warmth of our bedroom.

The walls echoed with our moaning and groaning reaching to a fevered pitch several times during the hour. JD deeply embedded, nature was driving him to have his whole body into my welcoming warmth. Panting, as though he could not catch his breath, JD wanted release in a most maddening way. Our tongues wrestling, JD turned his piston-driven movements to a gentle back and forth love making that gave us both the full effect of our united bodies. I was in a heavenly state, feeling JD’s hardness rub my intimate insides. I so deeply wished that we never had to stop.

There was a tingling that started to curl my toes when JD’s breathing became jagged and his body was writhing at a whole new level. The intensity building up in us both, I felt myself, beyond reason, clamping down and feeling JD’s member swelling at the same time. Evidence of my sexy chef engaged in great sex filled the air and there was no avoiding his explosive orgasm.  With all the fullness a man can provide, a crescendo of pleasures rippled through our bodies simultaneously!


I don’t recall falling asleep, but I do remember dreaming of snow fluttering down, melting into the blackness of our pond, and a stunningly bright cardinal landing nearby.   I awakened to the aroma of a Spiced Apple Pancake but I wanted nothing more than for JD to return to bed. Instead we snuggled in front of a fire, feeding each other slices of the pancake sprinkled with powdered sugar – really; there are very few things as wonderfully memorable as that.

I surely thank you for stopping by Scarlett Skillet, where food and sex are the norm. Have you tried my Spiced Apple Pancake suggestion at Scarlett Skillet Tidbits on Facebook?

KG is stopping soon, and I need to prepare for his visit. I am sure he will have a great story or two. Besides he has a great appetite, which JD loves, and always a devilish look in his eyes. This Daniel Nassoy image reminds me of KG so much!

Gallery Basket One – Bon Appetite

Shitake “Bacon” at Diane, A Broad


Avocado Chimichurri Bruschetta at The Curvy Carrot


Figs with Goat Cheese and Honey at Food Bridge


Butternut Squash Pancakes with Sorghum Syrup, Toasted Pecans at Happily Edible


Onigiri, also known as rice balls at Just One Cookbook


Vinegret at Red Star to Lone Star


Chicken Panzanella Salad with Pumpkin Dressing at Strands of My Life


Amazing Pumpkin Pie Streusels at I Adore Food


Salmon Salad with Sweet Accents at Every Food Fits


Deviled Pears with Pistachio Cream at Table for 2

Male Photography – Appetizing

Click introductory photo below for an artistic presentation by Visionmachos.

Eyes on Phellaz Protraits

Male Art Gallery – the male art form is NOT put on the back burner at Scarlett Skillet.

Historians believe the birth of our  Western Civilization started with the ideals of Greek Art. Appreciation for the natural male form, as an art, Ancient Greeks actually used a complex ratio of symmetrical measurements based on the male body. Based on science, earliest Greek Art mathematically calculated sexual attractiveness and reproduced it using various mediums.

Considering all the images I have pondered in my lifetime, I always have a sensual captivation ignited by the imagination behind the camera lens.  Photograph images, pencil art, and brush strokes inspire us, but none like the human form.  The power of the male form has been captured and celebrated for centuries.

I hope to build an assembly rejoicing the human male body.  If you are a photographer or artist, please feel free to contact me with your work or ideas at  I am constantly seeking for images or art that captures the subtle nuances and beauty of the male form.

There are some that find this type of forum offensive.  There is not any room for tunnel vision when visiting Scarlett Skillet, but there is plenty of opportunity to appreciate. If the male body offends you, please consider leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy this introductory start with some masculine black & white photographic masterpieces.

Skillet Soup with Wild Mushroom & Coconut

Note: Scarlett Skillet™ warns some wild mushrooms are poisonous, and they can easily resemble edible species. Ingesting them can make you ill or kill you! It is your responsibility to identify any wild food with 100% certainty before consuming said product. Again, we assume no responsibility or liability for any ill effects that result from visitors to Scarlett Skillet™ eating wild mushrooms or plants!

In addition, allergies to mushrooms are rare, but some people do find them hard to digest. Learn more about the health-promoting properties of mushrooms at  JD finds it a great source for information about gourmet edible mushrooms, as well as dried and extracts.

Inspired by The Ardent Epicure, JD took his skillet in hand and prepared Chilled Wild Mushroom & Coconut Soup. Click here for recipe source and home to the images. The photography, alone, is appetizing, to even a non-foodie!


Many cultures have considered mushrooms the source for super-human strength and sex drive. However, the aphrodisiac properties are still being debated, but JD is my Popeye between the sheets after we enjoy this soup with a Grilled Provolone & Veggie Basil Sandwich.


Figs, Coffee, Vanilla, Cheese and Pizzelle’s – The Incredible Happens

Figs, packed with potassium, manganese, and antioxidants, this superpower fruit helps keep your immune system strong. I love how a man’s back-view resembles a fig turned upside down. Every time JD is shirtless and working with our fig tree, my insides stir with passion.

JD adopted an idea he found at “Recipe Doodle” and inspired by their image; he creates his Vanilla Coffee Bean & Almond Figs. Simply delicious! Cut a slit from stem to end in the side of 2 dozen dried figs, or so. Do not cut all the way through!  Stir together 4 ounces of softened cream cheese, 3 teaspoons of powdered sugar, 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract and 6 ground coffee beans. Evenly fill each fig with this mixture, insert 1 roasted salted almond to disappear into cheese mixture, and press figs to secure filling. Bon Appetite!

Mixing these bite-sized morsels with a Fig and Camembert Cheese appetizer on a platter, JD is the envy of most dinner parties.  Believe or not, they are incredibly tasty! Simply create irregular pieces of broken vanilla-flavored pizzelle’s. Typically 3 per pizzelle. Uniformity is not a concern.  Place some Camembert Cheese on top of one piece, top with sliced dried figs and cap with another pizzelle piece.  Have fun and wait for the sounds of raving fans.

Three-Ingredient Reese’s Truffles

Now here is a “Simple Saturday’ recipe that is perfect for any peanut butter and chocolate lover.  Presentation, if there are many left, can be casual or elegant depending on your mood. I came across this recipe and image at Pennywise Cook and knew I had to share it. Visit Pennywise Cook for more information, but all you need is 3 packs of Reese’s Peanut Cups (6 total), 3 standard size Hershey Bars, and 3 slices of regular flavored Pound Cake to start you off.



Stop Simmering Your Happiness – Change & Let It Boil

Ideas surround us. Some are obvious; others need cultivation, but most simply need inspiration. The worst is a good idea never shared.  I have learned in life that sharing new ideas is paramount to innovation and success.

One of my clients inspired me today with her reluctance to share an idea. Showing me one of the platescapes on my blog, she stated, “I cannot show this great presentation idea to my colleague. If a naked man shows up while I’m showing him, he will think I am a ‘pervert’!” She went on to tell me how unhappy she was with her present work assignment. The uncreative atmosphere she finds herself in is definitely dampening her self-happiness. We worked on first changing her mindset about Scarlett Skillet. With a changed attitude, I am sure she will find some note of happiness by encouraging her co-workers’ creativity through sharing what she found on Scarlett Skillet.

When my inspired client left my office, I got to thinking.  We all have ideas of what happiness consists of and what it would take to make it happen. Getting out of debt, losing weight, getting a better job, or even enjoying the one you have, are goals I hear every day as a Human Performance Inspirationalist. Of course, any one of these can be great and change your life. But will they truly provide happiness? As one who inspires others to increase self-performance at work and at home, I had to learn what happiness is.

What I learned about myself is that I already have all I need for overallhappiness– a successful career helping others and a great family life– but my true inner happiness was buried beneath my insecurity regarding other people’s opinions of me, my desire to express my passion for the male form, my discontent with my life as a “foodie” and general self-loathing.

I recently discovered –through writing this blog, by the way– the path to my inner peace is by recognizing and appreciating what I already have and not obsessing about what I need to change about myself. I really do not need to alter my life or accumulate more things. I simply need to adjust my mindset. I must embrace what is already here and focus on my passions. I love photography, and I love great food and wine, but most importantly I love being a sexual creature!

I changed my attitude toward myself first by casting off my cloak of self-doubt, without changing the dynamics of my life in any major way. Art provoked change, passion ignited execution and fantasy met reality!

We all fantasize, mostly without realizing it. We fantasize about the ideal partner, the model kids, the perfect job, the home with everything, the car that turns heads, clothes that make us sexy, exotic travel, earth-shaking sexual encounters, and let’s not forget a healthy bank account.

If I had all these things, I would certainly be happy, right?  Of course I would for a while, anyway! Then as the luster faded on each, I would still be searching for that inner joy, i.e. self-happiness.

Starting this blog overcame my fear of shocking conservative thinkers and outraging the politically correct. The anonymity of a blog format helped make me comfortable with my sexual fascination and set me free to combine my passions in life, share them with you, and in doing so I have discovered a path for understanding myself like never before! I’ve finally realized why I’ve been holding on to volumes of research, photographs, recipes, cookbooks, and clever ideas for entertaining all these years.  I’ve discovered my limitations in writing concisely and logically, and in that regard I’m a work in progress. I’ve also learned that the litmus test of a true passion is untold hours flying by without notice as creativity flows from the mind to the screen.  But most importantly, I’ve learned the unmitigated joy of sharing my twin passions, food and sex, and how many of us there are out there that understand the connection.

The incredible does happen when food and sex are co-stars in a provocative setting! However, I am astonished with the number of blog visitors that remain uncomfortable sharing this blog, apparently afraid to be considered naughty or at the very least, unconventional.  But I am ever so encouraged by those with open, inquisitive minds, as this gentleman who emailed me at

“I enjoyed visiting your blog. Besides some grammar issues, I found it entertaining. It’s nothing more than human nature to be curious about what other men look like, to compare one’s body to other guys. It’s perfectly natural to appreciate the beauty of other men, on the Internet, on magazine covers, in the gym showers, at athletic events or even the ballet. None of these things mean I am not straight. I am straight and love to cook! I will be back to see how I measure up as an art form and a cook for my wife.”

I told my client today, “Leave behind the old baggage, outdated ideals and low self-esteem. Discover what brings you happiness and let it flow out of you.” I sincerely encourage you, too, to think and behave differently. Stop allowing those ideas to simmer; pull the lid off, let them boil to the surface and share them!

If this blog makes you think differently about the budding opportunity in your life then I’m doing something worth while here and I would love to hear from you. Perhaps you have a photography passion. Let it develop! Perhaps it is a culinary calling. Let it not marinate! Whatever your appetite, explore it and, to quote mythologist Joseph Campbell, “follow your bliss”!

Of course,to do so,means change must occur and one must be mentally prepared to accept it.

Today I handed my client an essential ingredient for making change. If you are familiar with “Who Moved My Cheese”, by Spencer Johnson, M.D., then re-read it with a new life agenda in mind. If you have not, purchase a copy of this incredible book. It is an entertaining, quick read that demonstrates an amazing way to deal with CHANGE in your life. Primarily used for change management in business, this book is immensely powerful for love lives and family relations, as well. It is a great investment and a valuable resource.  It never leaves the top of my desk.

Embrace change in your life and let the amazing ideas within you boil over!

I hope you enjoy my art blog, pass it along to your friends.  Let them express their opinions, for it is not art if it does not invoke some kind of emotion. You never know what will trigger emotion in a lover, family member, friend, or even a client.  I am amazed on a daily basis!

Thank you for taking the time to visit. It is greatly appreciated! May you have a happy ending with all your appetites satiated!

Skillet Grilled Cheese with Sexy Avocado

Avocados can indeed resemble one of my favorite body parts on a man. They contain high levels of folic acid and vitamin B6 which gives JD more energy and increases his male hormone production. I, most certainly, consider it a libido food. I found this beautiful presentation at Pip & Ebby who took Martha Stewart’s suggestion to take timeless sandwiches and mature them up. This adult version for a grilled cheese sandwich is incredible. Especially when prepared in a seasoned skillet. It is a healthy assembly on so many levels.

Please visit Pip & Ebby for more information about this delicious sandwich. A simple layering of buttered-bread, provolone cheese, tomato slices, avocado slices, fresh basil, and another slice of provolone cheese topped another slice of buttered-bread. It is what I call a “KISS U” dish. Keep It Seriously Simple & Uncomplicated!

Grilled Provolone & Veggie Basil Sandwich

Image by Pip & Ebby

Mizu and Japanese Sweets

Mizu, JD and I have been friends for years, but we never let our respective cravings get the better of us. For Mizu is not just a dear friend, he is our gardener, as well. There is sporadic flirtation weaving its way into our daily interactions but nothing overt. At some point I will expand on my own flirtatious indulgences, but today is not the day. Let it suffice to say I have paused a moment too long gazing at Mizu stripped to his bare, glistening flesh, posing for the neighbors while completely in his own horticultural world – and not caring a whit if he catches me. The man has a strong tendency toward exhibitionism!


As this image suggests, Mizu and I have had our moments of mutual desire and intrigue, but we’ve always managed to comport ourselves professionally and as nothing more than friends. However, Mizu is all man.  And I do not apologize for appreciating all forms of male art.

Mizu’s Japanese mother had an incredible culinary influence on him, but his American father, a Navy Seal, was absent much of his life. His mother reared him to honor his body, the land, the air, the water and all of God’s creations. His nickname, Mizu, Japanese for “water” was the only thing bestowed by his father.  Mizu developed not only an affinity for water – as revealed by the many ponds and waterfalls he created for us – he has an intense thirst for sex.

It is rumored that several neighbors have been amazed by Mizu’s sustainability in the bedroom, thus dismissing the myth of Asian men and their prowess, but I can only testify to his treating his body as a temple.  My eyes linger at the sight of Mizu meticulously tending our gardens, appearing like a garden feature himself, and I am quite sure our neighbors, Willow and Windy,  are equally impressed with his efforts.

ShockingMizu has a wicked sense of humor. Yesterday, he and I spent two hours discussing my kitchen remodeling project and the class reunion he attended over the weekend. Taking a sip of his green tea, he recounted talking with two classmates, bringing each other up to date on their careers, sports, etc. and eventually, as with all men, the conversation steered toward sex. Naturally, that piqued my interest—yet unsettled me at the same time.  He went on to say one classmate complained, had sex once a week or so, but had nothing to brag about.  The other admitted, “My sex life is GREAT, since my wife and I got into S&M!”  After an appropriate comedic pause, Mizu responded, “Yeah, she Sleeps & you Masturbate!”

I laughed uproariously, maybe a bit too much and too forced, because with that little joke Mizu had crossed a line that made my body tingle and my mind wander.  He had never so much as cursed innocently in my presence, so hearing him utter sexually charged words seemed to lurch our relationship into a new and enticing zone. We continued to share jokes along that line, all the while sadly aware of the slow death a sexual connection suffers due to the lack of innovation that keeps appetites alive.  


Speaking of appetites, Mizu recently prepared two of my favorite Japanese desserts, to which I have added Willow’s cake sushi rolls.  I suspect Willow and Mizu have much to share beyond landscaping and cooking. Anyway, Nami, the author for Just One Cookbook, stimulated Mizu and me to be more culinarily adventurous by introducing us to her exciting Japanese creations. Below are the recipes and photos which inspired Mizu to create his Strawberry Daifuku (Strawberry Mochi) and Green Tea & White Chocolate Cookies. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!  Visit Nami’s site where she shares more quick & easy Japanese home cooking recipes.

Click here for recipe

Click here for recipe

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