Start Naked & Embellish…

Wow, undies in the nightlife! If JD’s underwear could speak, I would love to hear it say, “I have only two major necessities; I look great, and I make JD look fantastic”! No, edible ones are not even a consideration of mine. However, I do enjoy, the Brazilian custom, every New Year’s Eve with champagne, strawberries, and JD in some new undies. In fact, there are three celebratory occasions; Winter Holiday, he gets “white”, associated with goodness and perfection, Birthday; he gets “red”, associated with passion and determination, New Year’s Eve; he gets “black”, associated with formality and mystery!

In attempts to have a seemingly covert mission, whether they are Calvin Klein®’s, Exofficio®’s, Fruit of the Loom®’s, Hanes®, or Jockey®’s, I appreciate front and back views! My imagination is in full force looking at this image.

Click above image for a slide show of men in essentials from You Tube submission I found.

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