Mise en Place for Food and Sex

Literally “putting in place”, mice en place is the assembling of ingredients. Hawthorne’s  “The Scarlet Letter” is admittedly one ingredient for this work. A kind of passport, Scarlett Skillet™ dares to go where others hesitate to tread. With a theme not to conform to any perceived explicit understandings or principles governing conduct around two of life’s greatest pleasures – food and sex!

Scarlett Skillet™ is a unique Galleria, an evolving medium to tutor curious minds about food and sex using storytelling elements, personal evaluations and commentaries.  My goal is  to provide imagery and notions to enthrall you and your lover, as well as support a child with special needs! Scarlett Skillet™ is a crimson emblem symbolizing the conflicting passions of some to harbor attitudes that are simply black and white! There is a magnificent spectrum of creativity when food and sex are brought together!

Definitely not your typical food blog, readily available recipes are NOT always the focus, nor are they crucial for the purpose of Scarlett Skillet™. From simple, basic culinary creations to grandiose gourmet artistry; whatever your style, there are countless sources available. The philosophy behind this blog is not to suggest any particular flair, dish, or personal interest is best, but instead ignite skill improvement and inspiration with an open mind exposed to limitless opportunities. Taste is critical; however the overall experience is paramount!

There is certainly no intention to suggest what forms of art should stimulate your senses and instincts. Individuality is a beautiful concept! There is no apology, either, provided for brazenly recognizing the male body is unquestionably an art form. This blog is intended for adults 18 and older!

Inspiration is the nexus of ingenuity, shock value around a particular image, dish, or written composition should evoke enthusiasm and inventiveness to the table and the bedroom!  Embracing two of life’s essential appetites, the aim here is to convey that the pleasures of food and sex should be illustriously explored!

Scarlett Skillet™ is the brainchild of a Human Performance Inspirationalist, one who inspires others’ performance. The ultimate aim is to be the catalyst to boost creative thinking, expand personal knowledge,  ignite stimulating conversation and encourage extraordinary acts for lovers, family, and friends while supporting a child with special needs.

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