It is Never Just Black & White

Summer is passing quickly. Having change on my mind, I continue to seek inspiration for our living-kitchen-theater remodel. After all, the holiday season is not far off, and it surely would be nice to have it completed. A dramatic new backdrop to feature my sexy man cooking would be fabulous!

Inspiration surrounds us at all times. As an example, JD left early this morning, leaving a warm presence inside me. I picked up his B&W satin bow tie, laid it on the white pillowcase along with JD’s shiny-red aluminum condom case and said to myself, “Wow, I wonder what my living-kitchen-theater would look like in these basic colors!”

The phenomenon of color lies in the context of each individual’s life. Visceral reactions emanate based on one’s experiences and interpretations. The purity and innocence of white, the sexuality and sophistication of black, and the excitement and passion of red all have symbolic and emotional connotations for me. As dramatic as this kitchen design is already – it spurred many thoughts. What compliments a design more than the presence of a man at one with his surroundings, free of too much fabric, free of concerns and inhibitions? There is nothing like a man cooking in the buff wearing only a bow tie and apron to let the imagination soar and happiness swell inside – a spectacular ‘mise en place’ for any recipe!

On this crisp, fall-like day, I recall craving fresh salsa one night last winter. Most of the typical ingredients being out of season, JD used his favorite roasted sweet potatoes salsa recipe and added some pomegranates and blackberries for a splash of summer. We enjoyed a winter salsa that led to a very happy ending.  JD looked into my eyes that night, and with sweet cinnamon on his breath, whispered, “I have loved you always. I’ve loved you since the day I met you in KG’s office. Your beautiful mouth still numb, I loved the way you tried so hard to sound alluring with those full, fat, numb lips” he teased. “Seriously, I cannot tell you how often I’ve looked at you with lust and with love and ached to throw you down and make love to you right then and there!”

I’ll always remember that winter evening. The spectacular happened right there in our kitchen. JD’s gaze never left mine as the swirl of natural instinct came over his body. My eyes told him I was having the same thoughts as I played with his protruding nipples and he mine. We both knew that soon JD would be sinking into my body. My insides melting with anticipation, I wanted bred long and hard! We moved to the warmth of our bedroom.

The walls echoed with our moaning and groaning reaching to a fevered pitch several times during the hour. JD deeply embedded, nature was driving him to have his whole body into my welcoming warmth. Panting, as though he could not catch his breath, JD wanted release in a most maddening way. Our tongues wrestling, JD turned his piston-driven movements to a gentle back and forth love making that gave us both the full effect of our united bodies. I was in a heavenly state, feeling JD’s hardness rub my intimate insides. I so deeply wished that we never had to stop.

There was a tingling that started to curl my toes when JD’s breathing became jagged and his body was writhing at a whole new level. The intensity building up in us both, I felt myself, beyond reason, clamping down and feeling JD’s member swelling at the same time. Evidence of my sexy chef engaged in great sex filled the air and there was no avoiding his explosive orgasm.  With all the fullness a man can provide, a crescendo of pleasures rippled through our bodies simultaneously!


I don’t recall falling asleep, but I do remember dreaming of snow fluttering down, melting into the blackness of our pond, and a stunningly bright cardinal landing nearby.   I awakened to the aroma of a Spiced Apple Pancake but I wanted nothing more than for JD to return to bed. Instead we snuggled in front of a fire, feeding each other slices of the pancake sprinkled with powdered sugar – really; there are very few things as wonderfully memorable as that.

I surely thank you for stopping by Scarlett Skillet, where food and sex are the norm. Have you tried my Spiced Apple Pancake suggestion at Scarlett Skillet Tidbits on Facebook?

KG is stopping soon, and I need to prepare for his visit. I am sure he will have a great story or two. Besides he has a great appetite, which JD loves, and always a devilish look in his eyes. This Daniel Nassoy image reminds me of KG so much!

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