Skillet Soup with Wild Mushroom & Coconut

Note: Scarlett Skillet™ warns some wild mushrooms are poisonous, and they can easily resemble edible species. Ingesting them can make you ill or kill you! It is your responsibility to identify any wild food with 100% certainty before consuming said product. Again, we assume no responsibility or liability for any ill effects that result from visitors to Scarlett Skillet™ eating wild mushrooms or plants!

In addition, allergies to mushrooms are rare, but some people do find them hard to digest. Learn more about the health-promoting properties of mushrooms at  JD finds it a great source for information about gourmet edible mushrooms, as well as dried and extracts.

Inspired by The Ardent Epicure, JD took his skillet in hand and prepared Chilled Wild Mushroom & Coconut Soup. Click here for recipe source and home to the images. The photography, alone, is appetizing, to even a non-foodie!


Many cultures have considered mushrooms the source for super-human strength and sex drive. However, the aphrodisiac properties are still being debated, but JD is my Popeye between the sheets after we enjoy this soup with a Grilled Provolone & Veggie Basil Sandwich.



  1. That looks stunning! I’m sure it tastes even better!

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