Good Neighbors with Unique Perspectives

I knew that two gentlemen had recently moved in next door, but I was unsure if they were brothers, friends or (as I suspected) lovers. JD met them first but never mentioned their relationship, nor did it matter. They seemed to maintain their house beautifully, and they always waved with a friendly smile as we came and went. All JD told me about them was that Windy is a photo buff looking for work and Willow is a real estate developer who works from home. Whatever their relationship, I am determined to let them know they are very welcome to the neighborhood!

With little food in the house and on short notice, JD informed me he had invited Windy and Willow over for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres this evening.  “So what are you making for them?” I asked.  That was our code for “How dare you invite someone over and expect me to perform!”

Before I could take it to the next level, Windy knocked and entered through our rear doors, talking as he walked like he had contracted a rare form of verborrhea–you know, the type you rather enjoy at the time and only occurs to you in retrospect. He was nonetheless interesting and seemed fascinated by everything he saw.  For the first hour the only words I spoke were “Hello, I’m Scarlett!” and my brief answers peppered within a barrage of questions.  There was little doubt why he was called “Windy”.

It is said the song Windy took less than 30 minutes to write. Singer/songwriter Ruthann Friedman never revealed the identity of “Windy” but she did explain the song was a fantasy about the kind of guy she wished to meet. The Association was first to record the song by turning “Windy” into a girl. (Click here to listen to a You Tube piece on The Association singing “Windy” in 1967 at The Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, IL.) I fleetingly wondered if our Windy had met the same fate.

Windy carried under his arm what I thought was a handbag, but turned out to be a small, black portfolio, and without encouragement he began to share his love of photography with me and JD.  A photo enthusiast myself, I enjoy interpreting the deeper meaning of photographs rather than actually creating them.  My interest certainly was piqued as I turned the above image on its side!

Windy was telling us one story after the other about himself and Willow and how they enjoyed long rides when the doorbell rang. JD, the consummate host, sprang to the door, spilling wine as he walked, and Willow, a clean-cut, good-looking latino in his late 30’s with a long, fit, athletic body, entered carrying a tray of Matcha Cake Sushi Rolls. The unconventional bite-sized, sushi desserts fit right into my fantasies du jour.  “That’s it”, I thought, “they’re gay.”

 Click here for recipe source.

nipple lickGreat gourmet outdoor kitchenWith Willow here, the conversation flowed better.  Windy was not-so-very in Willow’s presence, and I began to see the nuances of their relationship.  We chatted about the usual neighborly stuff at first: crime, property taxes, oddball neighbors, history of our ‘hood, home design and our common interest in the culinary arts. Before long they began to recount persecution they had endured in previous neighborhoods due to their lifestyle, and found my opportunity to assure them this neighborhood was quite different.

We also discussed our kitchen remodeling project. My living-kitchen-theater idea caught their imaginations and they invited JD and me over to their poolside kitchen for additional inspiration. JD slipped into the laundry room to change his wine stained shirt.  I quietly followed, and–always the opportunist–caught him off guard with his arms over his head entangled in his tee, and I gave his nipples warm, wet licks, suggesting what would certainly follow later on.

alluring nippleBeing late summer and the weather still warm, Windy was only wearing a tight T-shirt and cargo shorts. What really turned me on were the two nubs outlined with cotton. Imaging his natural brown buttons upon his well-defined chest, I was becoming aroused. My mind filled with erotic thoughts as I attempted to listen to what he was discussing with JD. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. My mind reeled as I struggled with the strange serpentine-like desires slinking within me. JD’s nipples turn me on, simply because they are another wonderful body part to be admired, touched, kissed and licked, but I could not help from wondering what it would be like to touch Windy’s bare, fleshy eraser heads protruding so prominently beneath his T-shirt. Oh, how dull a male bosom would be without them! Sometimes when JD is asleep I’ll roll his nipples between my fingers and be rewarded with his manhood pitching a tent in the sheets. I love getting JD excited by stimulating his nipples!

My research has proved the nude body to be the highest expression of art. Religious figures and heroes are often shown in flimsy or tight coverings. I was astonished by what I saw in Windy and Willow’s home. The focus mainly on the male form with prints of Michelangelo’s, magnificent manly sculptures, incredible nude paintings and etchings that gave the interior a contemporary, museum-like quality.  Art that pushed the boundaries culturally and creatively seemed so natural and inviting.  Nothing was pornographic or even tasteless.  Their collection added unbelievable beauty to the home.

Two photography pieces caught my eye immediately. Both were by Blommers and Schumm. “Whether it is male or female, the human ass certainly looks provocative,” Willow stated standing behind me. “I have to agree, there is a certain mystery and erogenous quality to it,” I replied.

Willow kindly concurred and explained, “That’s simply a folded piece of paper you’re looking at!”

Astonished, my focus went to another wall embellishment. I was puzzled as to why two gay gentlemen would have a framed photo of a woman’s legs parted and wearing a thong.

“I don’t see what you’re talking about,” JD said, handing me a drink., “All I see is a lamp!” We all laughed, acknowledging the mind is the most powerful sex organ, especially when stimulated with images. Human beings have always been fascinated by imagery, and since Lascaux, the most important ones are those of the human form. Intellectually, the discriminating mind knows the difference between a two-dimensional image and the presence of warm flesh, but the emotional response to them can be identical–which gives an image such power!

We had a wonderful time with Willow and Windy today. I strongly suspect they will have a huge impact on me. Especially around food and sex! With a smile, Windy suggested I visit Man Watch as he kissed me on the cheek before we left.

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