Aphrodisiacs; Almonds to Zesty

figs - http://www.intercourses.com/index.htmDespite the FDA’s cold shoulder toward the world’s “enticing” foods, almonds are noted to induce passion and for generations, in many cultures, Avocados, Basil, Chocolate, Garlic, Ginger, Nutmeg, and numerous others can be added to the menu of aphrodisiac ingredients. JD recommends that a night of culinary and sexual temptations should have some of these elements incorporated with surprise and a downright daring attitude. Different foods have a variety of nutrients that affect the body in healthy ways. However, I have to remind JD that aphrodisiacs are to be taken with a dash of sea salt. If one believes it, it works. After all, as Dr. Ruth once said, “The most important sex organ lies between the ears.” The same goes for phallic foods. Follow the links below for more information and inspirational recipes. Image sourced at www.intercourses.com and I encourage you to visit them and order the book, too!

Intercourses – food+aphrodisiac+sexy

A Gallery of Aphrodisiac Foods, Lore & Recipes from Miri Rotkovitz on About.com

Aphrodisiac Recipes on Allrecipes.com

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