A Thousand Visitors and a Memorable Time!

Known as the “Garden of the Great Spirit”, by many, the dynamic woodlands and inspirational waters of the 1000 Islands, in my opinion, are one of the most beautiful places on earth. With waterfront villages and authentic heritage, the Thousand Islands gave their name to Thousand Island dressing, made popular by actress May Irwin around the turn of the 20th century. More recently, memories of the area have a different meaningful significance. Earlier, today, my blog visitors surpassed the 1000 mark!

JD is forever teasing me about my capability to reminiscence. I resurrect things from the past by what culinary concoctions I experienced, momentous life-marks, images viewed, or sexual delights I lived. It was two years after KG extracted my tooth and introduced me to JD when I first experienced the 1000 Islands.  As awkward as it was, it is certainly true that if I had not met JD that day, with my mouth still numb from Novocaine, we both would have crossed paths with someone else, and our lives would have gone completely different directions. Talk about a twist of destiny! Thanks KG!

untitled manMentioned earlier in my blog, KG was, and still remains, a significant influence in my life, as well as JD’s.  We both cannot thank KG enough for suggesting we take the trip to the 1000 Islands. We arrived early evening with our seductive travel conversations fresh in our minds and headed directly to our suite. With two incredible Crab & Lobster Louis Cocktails happily finished off and half of a bottle of champagne sitting in the ice bucket, JD stripped down to his briefs. Unbuttoning his shirt, he laid back on the bed with a devilish twinkle in his eye. The above image is certainly not JD, but it definitely portrays the similar beauty I saw that evening. Warning if you are sensitive to sexual content, stop!

It was a warm evening and a breathtaking treat to see JD lay with is arms behind his head revealing masculine tuffs under his arms and, at the time, his nearly hairless torso. His faint, hairy “happy trail” starting at his navel and disappearing below the waistband of his snug underwear drove me crazy. I knew, all too well, what manly package remained covertly covered by the white cotton, leaving little to the imagination, by the way, and I wanted more. I sipped my champagne very contentedly thinking I have done well for myself before I pounced!

I could not keep my eyes off him and my mind from replaying all the amazing scenes of our previous love-making. With all my will-power gone, I ripped his briefs off. His throbbing manhood painted my bare flesh with countless smears of his shiny, manly exhilaration. His balls were pulled up tight and battling the urge to release. With his sexual panting echoing off the walls, I could not resist wanting him.

His mind racing with the touch of my stimulating flesh, I am sure, he tried to control his instincts, but nature was strong and there was desperation in his eyes that only a full ejaculation would settle. JD’s quivering body attempted to hold back as I answered my own instinctual calling to accept him.

My legs opened, my lustful, sexually dazed, needful stare told JD I obviously loved him and his deed. He pumped with short intentional strokes, concentrating on the sensations traveling throughout his body; my pleasure clearly built up nicely and was intense. I opened my legs wider and then shut them, over and over, working him and me into a memorable orgasm.

JD plunged all the way down to the point he could go no further. With long deep strokes, he would stop and start several times to generate a potent ejaculation and make my insides melt with anticipation. Knowing the slightest encouragement would send him over the edge, to a point of no return, I fingered his nipples.

Already on the brink of exploding, JD gasped with orgasmic tremors, and my body started to shiver with his body. When the first shot of his prized, velvety, solely his fabrication landed inside me, I felt like applauding. I was too immensely into my own remarkable, sexual journey, though. We rolled together onto our sides; he looked at me with satiated lover eyes. We cuddled united and both went to sleep from our powerful sexual encounter with him undoubtedly part of me.

untitled man 2Imagery is a powerful influence. This particular one catches what a man often unknowingly shares with his eyes, especially between the sheets; natural desires and gratification playing deep inside him. We woke a few hours later that night, showered, and could not refrain from our sexual temptations, yet again! I just could not refuse JD’s masterful soft eye-to-eye invite and sexy touch. I still cannot! Who needs words when the eyes speak chapters in a book series?

Every time I have Crab & Lobster Louis Cocktails, I recall that night we spent in 1000 Islands. I most certainly will remember this day when over 1000 visitors took interest in what I had to say. I hear JD coming into the house. He went to visit our new neighbors. He does not know it yet, but we are going to celebrate tonight!

Loving funnels down to instinct and appetite, Thank you for visiting!

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