Inspiration is everywhere; Men in Blue & Garden Yellows!

Inspirational opportunity surrounds us everyday. We just have to learn to cultivate our ability to recognize it, harness it, embellish upon it, and execute the results. From my perspective, inspiration is the nexus of ingenuity, and I am sure, I am not alone with this line of thinking. Naturally, creativity is not always easy. There is no secret, my inspiration and creativity are spontaneous episodes.

 Personally, I find my environment the greatest influence. Whether I am at home, at the mall, strolling through an Art Festival, scoping out metro-landscapes, leisurely laying next to JD naked, admiring a photograph, or reading about an elaborate recipe process, they all play an essential part. Stimulating my mind and invigorating all my senses are the key factors for the creative juices to flow, not to mention allowing other fluids to stream as well. It is magical when something sparks inspiration and you accomplish your personal goals for happiness!

For instance, walking through the garden this morning under an ocean blue sky, I noticed how incredibly beautiful fresh vegetables are, like in this image. I had no idea what was going to strike me today. Picking up JD’s yellow bow tie off the counter and turning to my computer screen, it struck!

Fanning the flames of curiosity, a picture of a man in blue beckoned my inspirational juices. Tossing JD’s bowtie along the side of the computer screen, my eyes triggered thought. What would it be like to have a living-kitchen-theater capturing blue skies, JD, and the beauty of a garden? I am constantly amazed how my eyes capture images and stir my two appetites!

We can only see in black and white in the dark, however the cones in our eyes respond to blue very well. I guess that is why this image strikes me so positively. Click on the image to view an interesting You Tube vid by Blue Man Group and see another source of my inspiration today.

Not yet knowing how the blues and yellows would certainly impact my day, our alarm clock sounded off next to the bed this morning. I lifted my head from the indulgent, warm mound of flesh that is JD’s chest and silenced the screaming alarm. Comfortably secluded, I took my spot once again on JD. His soft masculine breathing and the strong beat of his heart were music to my ears. Warning if you are sensitive to sexual content, stop!

Knowing our day was filled with a horseback riding trip, I did not want to remain in bed too long, but I just had to pull JD back into me while my arms embraced his chest. His back so unbelievably warm against my stomach, I kissed his neck and nibbled his ear to awaken him from his slumber. He rolled over and his lips met mine. “I love you,” I whispered softly.

He just stared into my eyes and whispered back, “I love you more!” With that, he gave me a soft, lasting, passionate kiss before grabbing my hands, holding them over my head. Rolling on top of me, he spread my legs with his hairy thighs, and my heart raced. Pressing himself against my body, he kissed my neck, and traced down my naked flesh, to my navel. Retracing his tracks, he came back to my lips, and his throbbing man sword knew where it wanted to go!

His manliness pushed its way deep into my stretching, welcoming body. “Make love to me,” I commanded. With that, his firm hands held my arms above my head, and I lifted my waist. At first, his thrusts were slow and powerful. His instincts kicked in with a most incredible thrust, then another one, and another, faster, faster and harder. The sound of flesh slapping echoed off the walls! I loved every sound. The bed was rocking!

Suddenly his muscles tightened up, he forced himself deep into me one last time, and gasped as strand, after strand, of his warm seed filled my ravaged cavity. Slowly, sliding in and out of me a few more times, just to make sure I had it all, he rolled off me a very satisfied man. I was most certainly satisfied with that! I left him sleep a bit more.

With our horseback ride this morning cut short, I started to look for some more kitchen ideas. A photo I located on made everything come together. This image captures the purity of our love. The backdrop of yellow would call back memories of the garden in the summer and JD’s spectacular yellow bow tie. The touch of red will allow me to visualize JD’s scarlet skillet sitting on the burners, and the random blue will assuredly spark my appreciation for the color of blue. However, my cheese box palate remains true to heart. Onward!

Just another random, spontaneous inspiration. The world is full of them!! Now I only need to get JD to prepare his Broiled-Skillet Yellow Squash with Vinaigrette, Fresh Dill & Local Goat Cheese. Oh yeah, served with warm Blueberry Bread, too!

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