Egg, Cinnamon, Orange, Vanilla, Etc., Flavorful, Fragrant & Healthy Coffees!

Simple and sexy for any foodie, put some extra ambition into your favorite breakfast blend or dark roast. A budget friendly notion, just add a stick of cinnamon or vanilla bean for sex appeal. For example, take your favorite Starbucks® beans; put your beans in an airtight container and insert cinnamon or vanilla into the beans. Coffee beans are naturally very absorbent and will consume the flavor quickly. Note, the longer it is stored, the more intense the infusion becomes. Ground coffee will work, as well, but nothing beats fresh ground beans. There are lots of ways to flavor your coffee without buying flavored coffee! Do not through those orange peels away! Dry them and add dried orange peels to coffee beans stored in an airtight. Incredible possibilities are endless with a creative mind. Ever consider some cocoa powder a chocolate roasted flavor?

Here is something for you to nibble on; egg shells are alkaline, coffee is acidic, when acidity is reduced by alkaline the coffee tastes better! In addition, I learned that eggshell calcium is an excellent source of calcium, and the body absorbs it easily. JD strongly suggests organic, free-range eggs for a better concentration of nutrients in the shell. Try out my “Fitness & Form” menu selection to see other JD Influences for your health.

Want a little exotic spice? Spices can be strong, go for dried spices, take time to experiment for your taste profile, and keep in mind the coffee will be coming at you with more flavor than you expect. Note, the stronger the roast, the less the spice will stand out. I take my cinnamon flavored beans, grind them, and sprinkle cloves and nutmeg in the brewing basket. Brew with filtered water. Yum, my version of chai tea latte is not long to be had. For a spicy, specialized Indian coffee, add cardamom and anise to your grounds before brewing. Fall nearing, JD makes an incredible coffee flavor that last all the way through New Year’s Day! Simply take vanilla flavored beans, grind, and add pumpkin spice to the grounds before brewing. I love the Fall Season!

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