A Bite of Garlic Knowledge

Dating back more than 60 centuries for its culinary application, Garlic is said to have been grown in the left footprints of Satan when he left the Garden of Eden. There are said to be 600+ cultivated sub-varieties of garlic on the planet. A few kinds found in America came in with Polish, German and Italian immigrants over the centuries. Garlic, relatively well-known to be helpful for a healthy cardiovascular system, is a true antibiotic, as well.  Whether taken internally or applied topically, garlic possesses the broadest spectrum for a natural antibacterial substance. JD is about to harvest some fresh garlic, and although it enhances many dishes, I am not a fan of too much of it. It does change the taste of JD in many ways!

I know garlic is not technically a spice, but a vegetable with a pungent, spicy flavor when raw. I do love when JD roasts garlic, to mellow it, and prepares a mild paste to put on several  large, cut-on-the-bias bread croutons. He tops the garlic layer with a superb fava bean spread and sprinkles grated parmesan to finish it off. Since fava beans and garlic are a wine-loving vegetable, I insist we have a bottle of our favorite Chardonnay to accompany his tasting treat. Absolutely seductive!

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