Skillet Peaches, Basil, Pistachios & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Appetizers, Breakfast, Desserts, Lunch, Soups, Suppers, and more in a Skillet!  Again, one of the essential elements in any kitchen is a cast-iron skillet, preferably scarlet colored on the bottom!!!

An excerpt taken from a previous blog at Scarlett Skillet, A Pinch of Shock Value with Warm Peaches & Basil/Warm Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream, this sweet, fragrant stone fruit dessert is easy to prepare.

Warm Peaches with Your Imagination or Basil, Pistachios

Place cast-iron skillet over a medium heat source. Melt 1 Tablespoon of unsalted butter [per peach used], stir in 1 teaspoon of brown sugar [per peach used], add sliced fresh peaches, and Julienne cut fresh basil leaves to taste. [Serving 2: 2 Peaches, 2 Tablespoons of unsalted butter, 2 teaspoons of brown sugar] Stir until peach slices are warm and basil aromatics are present. Remove from heat. Serve over your favorite, gourmet, vanilla ice cream, sparsely drizzle with Balsamic Syrup, and sprinkle some chopped pistachios to add a delicate crunch!

Just another culinary guideline for the pronounced flexibility of a scarlet skillet. Perhaps you are a Martha Stewart enthusiast, or an upcoming Food Network star,  even perhaps one of Oprah’s new chef finds, or a feature writer for Epicurious, I cannot emphasis enough for you to engage your creative abilities to come up with your personal version. Now that the Olympic’s are finished, it is time to experiment for the upcoming Fall holidays. Practice now!

Scarlett Skillet’s DYK: Did You Know that the peach is the state fruit of Georgia and South Carolina. It is also the state
flower of Delaware. I personally favor a South Carolina peach.

Show off your culinary crafts,

Bon Appetite from Scarlett Skillet! A Sure Place for a sexy foodie!

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