Unique Introduction & My Vision Evolves!


Nearing a kitchen design Galleria, I am keen on color. Inspirations pulled together, I have a collection of show-stopping ideas. Unrivaled beauty needs to meet unmatched efficiency, though. Updating the kitchen helps with resale value, even in today’s housing market. One of the best investments made in a home, the process can be none-the-less overwhelming! Actually, on the other hand, I want to think it is better than playing on Wall Street!

Ditching ordinary, wanting colors like Hungarian paprika, Cretan oregano or rose-pedal red,  one can reach overkill quickly.  Mixing colors and textures is the key, beauty renewed cannot be done in a day, I have learned.  Accessorizing, OMG! Opting for a vessel sink or all-wooden countertops, function must be first. The bottom-line is whatever the choices are, my living-kitchen-theater must compliment JD’s culinary shows without being sensationalist.

There are certainly a mix of new materials, moldings, lines, and not any shortages in designers captivating my attention online! Nor friendly neighbors wanting to assist in the momentous undertaking. Figuratively speaking, I find the red in this one overwhelmingly too hot. That much red already has my internal temperature going above normal. Minimalistic form and lack of “fitness”, it simply does not appeal too me. The power of red, JD’s masculine energy and healthy libido, I can just hear him reciting the Trojan “Fire and Ice” slogan. Especially now he has gone beyond the ritual of afternoon dealership stops and recognizes the rewards in a remodeled living-kitchen-theater. His wallet is uneasy, I am sure. Love the light floors, though!

Determination burning strong, and DIY Network’s “Kitchen Impossible” playing in my head, I want to  know if my neighbors’ appliances are Wolf®, Viking® or Kenmore®. OMG, decisions! Color is still one of my major concerns.  An old cheese box becomes my friend in this situation.

Looking at the time-worn container, I found at a yard sale, it has the color balance I seek. Sometimes, seemingly useless articles around the house are inspiration for a sit-up-and-take-notice table setting, too. Flea markets are full of  elementary, basic foundations for creativity, as well. I can visualize a brightly lit space with light woods, strong white influences accented with dark characteristics without forgetting a splash of red to stir things up.

Speaking of  stirring things up, we have Bravo’s “Real Housewives”, surely someone can come up with something like “We like it Raw – In the Kitchen.” Real men in remarkable living-kitchen-theaters showing off their culinary artistry skills!  JD has executed numerous, spectacular shows when we have house-sit.

In fact, my sexual desires matured when I first house sat. My Grandma was traveling to Europe, and asked if I would stay at the ranch.  I was seventeen with nothing on my agenda for the summer, so I gladly accepted. Besides, my parents were determined that I see a dentist during the summer break. Like a typical teenager, I jumped at missing that!

With a painful nagging deep within me, I arrived and laid eyes on KG, my Grandma’s barn manager! So infatuated with his bald head, mysterious brown eyes, not to mention his well-defined body, I too found him of personal interest. I shyly attempted to hide my interest, but KG’s devilish smile told me he was a mind reader!

sexy in the wild-westNow this is not KG in this image, but it does exemplify the beauty of the wild-west influence on male art. This image summons many features that occurred that summer.

Laying on the cool grass, down by the pond, on the “lower forty” was when I first really took notice of KG. Behind the wild roses, with one of the horses along the fence line, his broad, dark shoulders shimmered in the afternoon sun! Thank God, his back was turned for I was definitely blushing like a kid caught with my hands in the cookie jar. KG walking toward me, my mind was racing like hell with youthful erotic ideas! I feel my lower parts stir, even today, with his natural, sexy movement playing, over and over, in my head like a Broadway show. Even better, a “Magic Mike” trailer with auto rewind permanently on!

Lying, while experiencing a sharp stabbing, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard KG’s voice. “Good afternoon, it sure is a hot one, isn’t it,” he announced! Embarrassed, my face was beet red as I lay back with my muscles tightening. I try to put him off while searching for an excuse, but KG refused and moved forward. He promised to be gentle, and there was no doubt he knew, well, what he was about to do.

Those gorgeous green eyes told me to trust him. His pearly white smile allowed me to reduce my anxiety and open myself wider to him for a stress-free pass. Pressing closer, advancing deeper and feeling my muscles stretch, KG persistently took his time! With zero familiarity and lack of experience, I was actually disoriented to the sensation of him inside me. I was amazed his mass did not hurt. There was a unfamiliar taste, too.

After about ten minutes we are both into it substantially, and then he stops and says, “Let me show you something you might like better.” He pulls out of me, about to faint trying to catch my breath, reminiscing sensations still in my mouth, his warm smile none-the-less gives me a phenomenal feeling as he says, “Feel good?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied! One of the most intense feelings of my life at that point, I forced a smiled and said, “Thank you doctor!” After all, the pain in my mouth was gone. In addition to his part-time barn manager duties, KG was also the local dentist that extracted my decaying tooth.

Lord knows, a dash of humor is necessary! The effects of the procedure still in full force, Dr. KG decided it was a perfect time to introduce me to JD, sitting in the waiting room. Boyhood friends with a tremendous relationship and both having a great sense of humor, they still laugh today about my blubbering introduction. I will never forget!

JD, a Nurse Nutrition Coach, and Dr. KG both play a major role in my healthy lifestyle.  I have a soft spot for medical-related masculinity. Fireman and shirtless men in suspenders, too!

shirtless fireman

JD pulling into the drive now, I cannot wait to see him!

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