Wow! Beautiful Music & Men

il-divoOf course, music plays a huge role in our living kitchen theaters, or anywhere, JD and I want romantic, appropriate background music. IL DIVO’s “Somewhere” is a fitting song I play often. They have found somewhere between Opera and Modern Pop to be successful. There has to be somewhere for me between “Fifty Shades of Gray” and “Hell’s Kitchen” or “Iron Chef”!

I have their disc’s in our Nissan truck, our Lexus, and even out Honda Pilot! I do not go anywhere without my men! In fact, the guys are playing as I finish up this post. My other favorites are “Ava Maria”, “The Man You Love”, “Mama’, and, of course, in a major way “My Way’!

There is no secret, I love good food, I lust for great wine, my clothes fall off for vodka, and sex is essential, regardless of its form. Of course, Godiva Chocolate, one of many chocolates I love, ranks up there high too! LOL

Good food, great wine, engaging conversation, a lite vanilla candle and IL Divo in the background with chocolate between my lips, I am totally ready for a sexual orgasm!

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