LetsTwist it UP

Reconsidering culinary fundamentals has provided JD with some interesting twists in his acts. We both learned long ago innovation is required to continue discovering new horizons in everything we do on a daily or nightly basis. A mindset encompassing renovation to improve has served us both substantially well, on so many levels!

Old news or Good news, or “Been there, done that”, to, “Wow, that is interesting,” I want to share some ideas for you to consider or Reconsider for keeping the spirit  forever  alive to experience new potentials. The incredilbe can happen! Read below…


Who does not LOVE chocolate of some sorts!?!? How about transforming your favorite chocolate cake into a basil culinary creation especially designed by YOU! In less than 30 seconds, your masterpiece can have flakes of emerald green with an exotic flavor to entice all. Keeping a few leaves for garnish, simply place 1 cup of fresh basil leaves in your food processor. Processes until the leaves are chopped fine and then add them to your cake batter. Bake accordingly per your recipe instructions. Cool and ice to your liking. Don’t forget to garnish with fresh, nice looking basil leaf per serving. JD  used this image for inspiration, some fresh basil from our garden and the result was terrific and beautiful!


Infused waters and teas are common today. JD found this image and his talents went to work. The next thing I know, he grabs a 750 mL bottle of our favorite vodka. With a ginger root in-hand and a fresh bottle of vodka, he walks past saying, “I am going to fuse these two”! Personally, I was hoping for two other things to be fused together, but he went on. Peeling 3 large chunks, diced in cubes, of the fresh ginger root, he added the liquor and sealed it up. In a week, I was sitting by the pool and JD, snapping a sprig of rosemary out of the herb garden, presented me with a chilled glass of Ginger Vodka & Tonic garnished with fresh rosemary and a huge, fresh lemon wedge! Fantastic! If you like it a little sweeter, I suggest substituting the tonic for a clear, sugar-free soda.


www.vikkisymth.comSome of the more common uses of acrylic are in lighting fixtures and lenses, aquariums, and bathroom accessories, just to mention a few, however Vikki Smyth sees it for much more. Appreciating great food and wine, her passion for them is reflected in her masterpieces for displaying culinary delights!

Perhaps you are a party planner, special events professional, executive chef, food and beverage director, caterer, or someone who, like me, loves to entertain with a splash of luxury!  I encourage you to visit www.vikkismyth.com to learn more and be inspired for your next corporate event, wedding, or romantic dinner. JD is thrilled with the possibilities!

“Vikki Smyth Designs to live for®, are truly innovative and have won a spot on both Nv Notions and Get Gadgets. Check them out at www.vikkismyth.com.

Here Vikki Symth’s mastery accentuates the inherent splendor of artistic food preparation. The colors and contours provide a sense of abundance and most certainly are visually appealing! Professional or at home, from caviar and canapés, to Sunday brunch for neighbors, and parfaits for a family celebration, differentiating displays are always a hit!  Whether it is for 2 or 20, JD ensures his cookery is a spectacle of sorts.