Happy New Year! Unfortunate occurrences have left me silent. Not sleeping on the job! More to come in 2013, I promise!

“There are no uninteresting things, there are only uninterested people.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton.

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Momentous progress remains stationary in the vault of one’s mind unless it is stimulated to ponder and shatter the mundane!

Ravaging romance and cooking conceptions, two pleasures, journalized with sizzling risqué plots and splashes of emotional erotica! Click images below for The Thymely Tales at Scarlett Skillet™.


Sexy Man In The Kitchen & Pewter

When it comes to lovemaking locations, let’s face it, most couples confine themselves within the … [Read More...]

Thymely Tales

Two Spiceful Lives – One Special Needs Child

KG had planned to come for dinner two nights ago, but JD and I had to cancel. Meg had shown up at … [Read More...]

Thymely Tales

It is Never Just Black & White

Summer is passing quickly. Having change on my mind, I continue to seek inspiration for our … [Read More...]

Thymely Tales

Stop Simmering Your Happiness – Change & Let It Boil

Ideas surround us. Some are obvious; others need cultivation, but most simply need inspiration. The … [Read More...]

Thymely Tales

Mizu and Japanese Sweets

Mizu, JD and I have been friends for years, but we never let our respective cravings get the better … [Read More...]

“He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.” – Albert Einstein

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